Rubén Aguirre died from complications from pneumonia in Puerto Vallarta

By Lindsay Kimble
June 17, 2016 04:40 PM
Edgar Negrete/Clasos/LatinContent/Getty

Mexican television star Rubén Aguirre has died, his daughter Veronica Aguirre confirmed to CNN En Español. He was 82.

Aguirre, who was best known as Professor Jirafales on popular 1971 80 television show El Chavo del Ocho, died in Puerto Vallarta from complications from pneumonia. He had been hospitalized in May, but was released on June 7 to rest at home, where he passed away.

His former cast mate Edgar Vivar also confirmed the death on Twitter, Friday, writing, “My favorite professor rests in peace.”

Numerous fans took to social media to mourn the actor’s death, many noting that they grew up watching him on El Chavo.

“Rest in peace Ruben Aguirre aka Profesor Jirafales in El Chavo del 8 Show,” wrote one Twitter user. “Thank u for the awesome childhood!”

Aguirre’s character was short-tempered and often the subject of his students’ ridicule on the sketch show, according to Fox News Latino.

El Chavo del Ocho still plays in reruns in both Latin America and on Spanish-language networks in the United States, according to Fox.