The Royals returns to E! on Dec. 4

By Lanford Beard
September 28, 2016 03:00 PM

Watch the throne!

The Royals may be returning as winter begins to settle in, but you wouldn’t know if from the heat the E! hit is blasting .

In an exclusive supertease for season 3, tensions remain high for Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and her scheming brother-in-law, King Cyrus (Jake Maskall), as they struggle over the monarchy.

But while those two are shooting daggers and B-words at each other, it’s the combustible on-again, off-again relationship between Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and her former security guard Jasper (Tom Austen) that really raises the temperature in the room – especially when the naughty royal sexually taunts the secretive Jasper over CCTV before joining him in some hanky panky – gasp! – on the throne itself.

And did we mention that Prince Liam (William Moseley) has apparently joined British Fight Club?!

Looks like we’re in for another majestically soapy season when The Royals returns to E! on Dec. 4.