The comedian found herself in an adorable Twitter mixup last week
Credit: C Flanigan/FilmMagic; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

So many Drakes, so little time.

Rosie O’Donnell got herself into a hilarious Twitter mix-up on Tuesday when she Tweeted her appreciation of actor Drake Bell – who is competing on the diving show, Splash.

“Drake is cute … Nice muscles,” she wrote.

But some fans mistakenly thought O’Donnell’s affections were directed toward another Drake – the rapper/singer behind the song “Started From the Bottom.”

O’Donnell took the time to clarify what she meant on on Thursday: “DRAKE FROM JOSH N DRAKE ON NICKELODEON !!!!” she wrote. “NOT THE SINGER – THE GUY ON THE DIVING SHOW !!!”

However, she added her two cents about the Grammy-Award winning musician, too: “but – I do think the rapper/singer drake is a QTpa2T – also with nice muscles …” she wrote.

On Friday, Drake, 26, Tweeted, “The fact that Rosie O’Donnell knows who I am is probably best feeling ever. I’m gonna casually tell 2 chainz after he’s done this verse.”

But while this exchange was going on, Bell – the rightful recipient of O’Donnell’s adoration – noted O’Donnell’s compliment with a simple retweet.