Rosie O'Donnell Pens Poem That Seemingly References Daughter Chelsea: 'I Worry About' You

The star's daughter moved out in August

Photo: Getty; Courtesy Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell is expressing her feelings through poem that may be inspired partially by her relationship with daughter Chelsea, which has been rocky in recent months.

In a poem titled “when i think of home” posted on her website Thursday, Rosie, 53, begins by referencing Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

“waiting in the rain / adele blares / i will be ur remedy / another mass shooting,” she wrote. “when the pain cuts u deep / my son in a blue lives matter t / as i merge into the black body / between the world and me.”

She went on with a passage that refers to her child living in the house of a stranger and dating an older man.

“u r with a man / 10 years ur senior/ 20 years my junior / from my home town,” she wrote. “i worry about u / my kid who rehomed herself / there in a strangers house / that somehow feels like your very own.”

It has been a difficult few months for Rosie’s relationship with her daughter after she announced Chelsea had gone missing from their New York home in August.

Chelsea, 18, was later found with her boyfriend, alleged heroin addictSteven Sheerer. She now is living with her older boyfriend and his family in New Jersey.

In an interview with The Daily Mail in October, Chelsea claimed O’Donnell kicked her out of the house.

“She told me to leave and take my dog,” Chelsea said. “Rosie knew I was planning to leave, that’s why I think she kicked me out. She asked me to talk about what was going on and I didn’t want to. So she asked for my phone and my computer. This was hours before she told me to leave. I gave them to her. A few hours later, she told me to leave. I wasn’t planning to go until I turned 18 on the 24th.”

A rep for Rosie told PEOPLE at the time that the situation with Chelsea was “heartbreaking on every level.”

In November, Chelsea clarified her Daily Mail interview in a statement to Entertainment Tonight

“A part of my heart will always care for Rosie, but many things she has done to me over the past few months are unforgivable at the present,” Chelsea said. “Just like many 18-year-olds, I am simply just trying to find my OWN identity through life and that hasn’t been easy a lot of times always being in the public eye as a child, and not by choice.”

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