"I really don't care if I have a boy or a girl, I'm just hoping for a healthy baby," Chelsea Alliegro told Daily Mail

Rosie O’Donnell‘s estranged daughter Chelsea Alliegro is pregnant.

“It’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to it,” Chelsea, 20, told the Daily Mail in an interview published Tuesday.

“I really don’t care if I have a boy or a girl, I’m just hoping for a healthy baby. Nick would really like a boy,” said Chelsea, referencing her 31-year-old husband, Nick Alliegro. “But as far as I am concerned, so long as it’s healthy, that’s what matters.”

Chelsea, who is nine weeks pregnant and due in early May 2018, said O’Donnell will not a part of her child’s life.

Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

“Rosie will not be in my child’s life,” she told the outlet, and adding, “and no, I do not feel sad about that to be honest.”

Chelsea and O’Donnell have had a strained relationship for years. In 2015, Chelsea ran away from home at the age of 17, only to be found a week later — safe and sound with her then-boyfriend’s — saying she was kicked out of the former View host’s house and denying that she is mentally ill.

Chelsea met Nick at a Dunkin Donuts and they wed months later in July 2016.

O’Donnell “was upset that we got married without telling her, which I totally understand,” Nick told Inside Edition earlier this year.


“I think she was shocked,” Chelsea added.

“The last time we got into an argument, we ended up screaming at each other and I left the room,” Chelsea told Inside Edition. “Growing up, I never really got along with her and then once she kicked me out, I was just kind of done.”

News of Chelsea’s pregnancy comes just a week after O’Donnell’s ex-wife, Michelle Rounds, died, reportedly of apparent suicide.

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“I am saddened to hear about this terrible tragedy,” O’Donnell, who shared 4-year-old daughter Dakota with Rounds, told PEOPLE in a statement. “Mental illness is a very serious issue affecting many families. My thoughts and prayers go out to Michelle’s family, her wife and their child.”

On Tuesday, O’Donnell posted two cryptic tweets referencing family.

“Dakotas ear surgery – u next to me – carrying ur sister out of the hospital – past her and her mom – late for school – protecting ur family,” she wrote, and followed it with, “protecting ur family not words I would use to describe u.”

Though Chelsea has no intention of including O’Donnell in her firstborn child’s life, she is contemplating considering Kelli Carpenter — O’Donnell’s first wife — as her baby’s grandma.

As of March, the mother and daughter were not on speaking terms — but Chelsea wants O’Donnell to know that she is happy.

“I would just want her to know that we’re doing really great and we’re happy,” Chelsea told Inside Edition, adding that she’d “someday” like to make peace with her mother: “I hope.”