Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Chelsea Speaks Out: 'A Part of My Heart Will Always Care for Rosie'

Chelsea O'Donnell said in a statement Rosie O'Donnell has done things "unforgivable at the present"

Photo: Getty; Courtesy Rosie O'Donnell

Chelsea O’Donnell is setting the record straight about her relationship with her mother Rosie.

“A part of my heart will always care for Rosie, but many things she has done to me over the past few months are unforgivable at the present,” Chelsea said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight on Thursday. “Some things just take time, if ever.”

Chelsea, 18, added that the future of her relationship with Rosie will remain private: “Everything further personally will be handled via me and my family alone and not publicly, unless necessary.”

Chelsea said the reason behind her statement was to clarify her previous comments about their strained relationships, which she voiced in an Oct. 6 interview with the Daily Mail and most recently, in an on-camera interview with Inside Edition.

“So many things I have said have been cut or distorted for the media hype of two interviews I have done and I want to clear the air from my own voice. Am I hurt for the things that have been said about me? Yes!” reads the statement. “I never grew up and chose to be a ‘public figure,’ and my goal has and never will be to be on TV or in print unless as a model.”

Chelsea clarified that she is “so grateful to have been adopted,” and that she love her siblings “dearly” and misses them everyday.

“Just like many 18-year-olds, I am simply just trying to find my OWN identity through life and that hasn’t been easy a lot of times always being in the public eye as a child, and not by choice,” she continued.

Chelsea also maintained that does not “have a mental illness,” but that she suffers from depression and anxiety, something about which she has previously been open.

In regard to her recent reconnection with her birth mother, Chelsea said she was “disappointed” but is “glad” to have closure on that part of her life: “I have no desires to continue a relationship with the woman who gave birth to me.”

Rosie’s relationship with her daughter has been rocky in recent months, after she announced Chelsea had gone missing from their New York home in August.

Chelsea was later found with her boyfriend, alleged heroin addict Steven Sheerer, and now lives with the 25-year-old and his family in New Jersey.

After Chelsea’s Daily Mail interview, a rep for Rosie told PEOPLE the situation was “heartbreaking on every level,” and during an Oct. 17 stand-up gig Rosie, 53, said her wish for her family is for “love and peace.”

Chelsea now says she is “trying to heal deep settled wounds,” finish her high school education and “go to college to do great things” in her life.

“It amazes me how many are so quick to want to judge me, yet have never lived in my shoes. I don’t need a mansion or a million dollars to make me content or happy. I am humble enough to work at Walmart if it were necessary,” reads her statement.

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