The outspoken comedian left the show Thursday after re-joining the roundtable in September

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated December 01, 2020 11:56 PM
Credit: Rob Kim/Getty

Rosie O’Donnell announced Friday that she’d be leaving her spot at the View roundtable. Just one week later, her final show arrived.

This is the second time O’Donnell has decided to leave The View; however, this time, she received a proper send-off.

For her last show Thursday, O’Donnell, 52, hit the View stage in good spirits, even doing a little dance and “drop[ping] it like it’s hot,” as co-host Rosie Perez put it. (Who knew she had it in her?) The comedian’s cheerful mood was even reflected in the sunny yellow blazer she chose to wear.

In recognition of the occasion, everyone in the studio audience got to their feet for a standing ovation, chanting O’Donnell’s name.

After that, the show proceeded as it usually does, though without any real confrontation among the hosts. O’Donnell did, however, reiterate her reason for leaving the talk show in an interview with guest Kenan Thompson with a short-but-sweet summary.

“I got some home stuff going on, I got some kid stuff going on,” she said. “I’ve got to turn down the stress in some way.”

Following a performance of Flo Rida‘s “GDFR,” O’Donnell gave her official farewell, fittingly, at the end of the show.

“I just want to say thank you to all the cast here and the crew and mostly to Barbara Walters, who has always looked out for me and my life and career and is an amazing woman,” said O’Donnell, holding her young daughter with Michelle Rounds, Dakota. “We had lunch yesterday, and she sends her love, and I want to thank her for making the show and letting me be on it twice.”

“So, there you go! We’ve had fun and hope we’re gonna have more and I’ll come back and do an occasional crafting segment because I have a hot glue gun and I will travel,” O’Donnell continued. “Thank you and it’s been really fun. Say ‘Bye, bye,’ Dakota.”

O’Donnell’s First Departure

O’Donnell first joined The View in 2006. In 2007, she left the show following an explosive on-air confrontation with then-co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The outspoken host didn’t take the time to say her goodbyes, as she did Thursday, later revealing in a fan Q&A on her website that she wasn’t sorry to have left early.

“I never tried harder to be friends with someone than I did with [Hasselbeck],” O’Donnell said at the time, “but I don’t think we ever really got there.”

With regard to her place on the show, O’Donnell said, “I was really just like a foster kid for a year. We considered adoption, but I didn’t really fit in with the family, and now it’s time for the foster kid to go back home.”

Why O’Donnell Left The View for a Second Time

“She’s focused on her kids now. This is the right thing for her to do,” O’Donnell’s rep, Cindi Berger, previously revealed to PEOPLE following the news of the comedian’s departure. “The stress of a daily live talk show is a lot – and the separation is a lot, and you reach a certain point where you have to put health and family first, and she has.

“She had a wake-up call in 2012, a near-fatal heart attack, and her doctors told her, ‘You have to take care of yourself, you have five children.’ Reliving her heart attack as she went through the editing process of her [HBO] heart documentary was sobering for her.”

O’Donnell further opened up about her decision to leave in a video posted to her personal website on Monday. “There’s lots of stuff going on at home and there’s lots of stuff going at work,” she said, adding: “The only thing I can really control is the work, by leaving.”

However, behind-the-scenes drama between O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg also affected the comedian, a source with ties to The View previously revealed to PEOPLE.

“Once it became clear that Whoopi would not in any way be taking a backseat to her, it became all the more difficult for Rosie to reconcile the fact that she was so diametrically opposed to so many of the things Whoopi had to say, from her support of [Bill] Cosby to her position on foreign invasions, to more recent events,” said our insider.

“It was bad enough that Whoopi was sitting in what Rosie considered ‘her’ seat,” our insider continued, “but to sit there and spout things that made Rosie’s blood boil, it was almost too much to take.”

Another source close to the show admitted to behind-the-scenes drama but denied that O’Donnell’s departure had anything to do with Goldberg, insisting on-air arguing is “all part of The View.”