"I just think I need a mental sanity break and a break from the Hollywood scene," said Emma Kenney

Emma Kenney is focusing on her wellbeing.

The Roseanne star, who plays Harris Conner-Healy on the ABC revival, says she’s “going to be seeking treatment for my battles,” she told In Touch. She did not specify which type of treatment she is seeking.

“I’m going to work through it,” she said. “I’m going to get help and make better choices.”

Credit: Robert Trachtenberg/ABC via Getty

Emma Kenney

Kenney, 18, admitted in a statement to Entertainment Tonight that she “was running with a really fast crowd. I was being naive and very immature, and I was doing things I should not be doing because it was illegal and I’m not 21.”

Reflecting on the choices she was making, Kenney shared, “It wasn’t healthy, and it was making me feel even worse — anxious and depressed.”

“It was just a slippery slope that I did not want to go down,” she added. “And I knew that I needed to stop it.”

The actress revealed to In Touch that she “didn’t know how to deal with stress” and as a result, “would have an occasional wild night. I would go out to clubs and bars with older friends in Hollywood.”

By seeking treatment, Kenney intends to “work on finding other ways to cope with boredom, find hobbies and better learn how to deal with stress.”

“I just think I need a mental sanity break and a break from the Hollywood scene,” she told In Touch.

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Prior to Roseanne, Kenney — who has been acting since age 10 — landed the role as Debbie Gallagher on Shameless, on which she currently stars.

After the premiere of the Roseanne revival pulled in 18.2 million viewers, ABC decided to go ahead and renew the series for a second season.

The television network made the announcement March 30, sharing a congratulatory tweet that proclaimed, “You asked for it! #Roseanne is getting another season!”

Minutes later, star Roseanne Barr thanked all the people who’ve been a part of the show — including the fans!

I just got the call-thank u ABC! Thank you, Roseanne Show family (including fans) B’aruch Hashem. #DAYENU,” she wrote.

Roseanne airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.