Like his mother, Jake Pentland has supported President Donald Trump on social media

As her TV family condemns her words, Roseanne Barr still has the support of her son.

Jake Pentland posted an Instagram video defending his mother Thursday after ABC cancelled the Roseanne revival following her racist tweet about former Barack Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Barr, 65, has maintained that she did not know Jarrett, 61, is black when she compared her to an ape in a tweet she later deleted (“Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby = VJ”).

“It’s now proven that Mom had no idea that Valerie was African-American,” said Pentland, 40, according to the Daily Mail. (His Instagram account is now private.)

“She says Muslims are not a race. That’s what happened. That’s what she deleted. So you see right there in the minute when somebody said, ‘You’re racist,’ she is like, ‘Why is me calling a Muslim a name racist? They’re not a race.’ She had no idea. It’s proven. It’s inarguable.”

"Roseanne For President" Premiere - 2015 Tribeca Film Festival
Jake Pentland and Roseanne Barr
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He went on to slam “mainstream media” and Hollywood publicists.

“You know what? It’s a–hole tweet, it’s insensitive, we get it. We’re in a f—ing bubble. Me and Mom are completely out of touch, that we would think that it’s okay for a white person to call a non-white person and compare them to a monkey. Like, you got it. You won. You took the show off. She’s apologized. It’s over. War’s over.”

Like his mother, Pentland has supported President Donald Trump on social media.