Moms from Hell Get Their Own Show on Investigation Discovery

On Investigation Discovery s new show motherhood s a dirty job, but somebody s got to do it.

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Black Friday is about to take on a whole new meaning.

On Nov. 28, Investigation Discovery will premiere Momsters, a new reality show hosted by Roseanne Barr that focuses on moms who will do anything for their children’s happiness – like crossing a few, um, illegal boundaries.

In an exclusive chat, PEOPLE spoke to Barr about the new show and whether she’s got any experience being a momster, herself.

What was it about this show that resonated with you enough to make you want to host it?
I loved the bold approach of Momsters in the way it goes against the grain and shines a light on all the motherhood myths without their makeup on! The mothers featured on Momsters: When Moms Go Bad have two characteristics I found riveting – their sordid stories are unbelievable, and they’re actually real! You just have to watch this show. I’m not overselling!

Do you have a momster moment you’d like to share?
Me, a momster moment? Well, my kids probably think there are plenty. The two things that seem to bother them the most are how I don’t provide them enough individual attention, and I butt into their lives too much. See what I’m up against? My youngest just went off to college and so, of course, I’m looking for an apartment to move into, preferably within a few steps of his dorm. I told him he’s only 19 and he still needs his mother close by, to make sure he does things right, on a constant basis. For some reason, he takes that the wrong way. I just can’t win, but I’ll never give up!

Are you the product of a momster?
When I was a kid I used to think so. I mean, don’t most people at that age? Even now, when I look back, I can remember thinking the only difference between my family and people in a psych ward was that people in psych wards are forced to shower with some regularity and there’s usually a mental health professional within yelling distance. As I grew up, though, and had kids of my own, I realized I needed to start cutting my mom some slack. She managed to get all four of her kids to what passes for adulthood, and today we all love and accept each other for who we are. By the way, she considers my job hosting Momsters to be the pinnacle of my career! Our family has three generations of loyal ID Network fans. As we like to say, nothing brings a family closer together than watching people who are crazier than you are!

Momsters premieres on Nov. 28 (10 p.m. ET/PT) on Investigation Discovery

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