'This Is Us' Star Ron Cephas Jones Says Daughter Jasmine Couldn't Watch His Character's Death

Jones' daughter couldn't bear to watch her father die onscreen

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Fans weren’t the only ones who couldn’t bear to watch Ron Cephas Jones‘ character William’s heartbreaking death on the NBC show This Is Us.

Jones’ daughter, Jasmine, who starred as Peggy in the hit Broadway phenomenon Hamilton, couldn’t bear to watch the “Memphis” episode.

“It’s difficult to watch,” Jones, 60, told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday. “I think for her, it’s just a little difficult for her, right now, to watch me in that scenario… I have a very close relationship with my daughter. She just said, ‘Dad, I just can’t watch it right now. It’s just very difficult for me to watch.'”

The actor, who has also starred in Mr. Robot and Netflix’s Luke Cage, said Jasmine will come to it in her own time.

“She’ll come around whenever she’s ready to do so,” he said.

The two share a close relationship, with Jasmine taking to Instagram to share a few cute moments between the pair. In January, she FaceTimed her dad while he was at the Golden Globes.

She also attended the screening of the season finale for This Is Us, alongside her parents, posting a “family affair” photo.

Jones said he was always aware that his character’s death was looming, but he wasn’t sure when it would happen. The ever-present wonder made it more real, he told the Times.

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“I would come in each week, read the script thinking, ‘Is this the episode that he’s going to die?'” Jones said. “The same way, I guess, William would do if he wakes up that morning and says, ‘I wonder if this is the day I’m going to die?'”

“I kind of carried that, and that was difficult,” he added. “Emotionally difficult to feel that and know that people feel that feeling every day… It was a difficult process.”

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