Credit: VH1

After Bret Michaels picked Ambre Lake as his Rock of Love, the 37-year-old Chicago native is happy to report that they’ve been dating since they finished taping in December.

“We’re seeing how things progress and being realistic because it’s different dating inside the house than it is in the real world, of course,” says Lake, who, unlike Michaels’ season one choice, Jessica Rickleff, did not dump the Poison frontman after winning. “And we talk more about that on the reunion show on Sunday.”

And despite rumors that Michaels sports a wig under all the hats and bandannas he wears, Lake says, “I can definitely confirm that he does not wear a wig. His hair is gorgeous! But I would love him if he was bald. He’s beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, and you can’t change beauty like that — hair or no hair.”

As for Daisy, Lake’s competition in the ROL finale who made comments about her age, the winner isn’t holding a grudge. “Daisy and I talked after the reunion show,” she says. “We really talked because she was hurt and I was hurt. We acknowledged that it’s a hard situation to go through together.”

Lake, who stars in Project Slasher, an interactive short film — like a Choose Your Own Adventure for horror movie fans — which premieres on April 30, shared her tips on dating a rock star with PEOPLE.

1. Treat him like he’s a regular guy: “The basic thing with me was I never went into this process thinking, ‘I’m going to date Bret Michaels, who is a rock star,’” says Lake. “So be yourself. Be as natural as possible.”

2. Compliment his looks: “It doesn’t hurt to tell him that he’s hot every once in a while,” says Lake. “I think guys really love it when we give them huge props.”

3. Don’t jump into bed: “I am a firm believer in finding that emotional connection before you become intimate with someone and make that physical connection,” she says. “If you can’t make a connection emotionally between you two before you jump into bed, then it’s just completely physical, and that’s all there is to it.”

4. Root for his football team: Though she’s a Chicago Bears girl at heart, Lake doesn’t mind cheering on Michaels’ Steelers too. “But you can have a healthy disagreement,” she adds. “If the Bears were to play the Steelers, then I’d support my team — but I wouldn’t start throwing beer bottles across the room if my team lost!”

5. Go commando, then show commando: Although she admits that proving to Bret that she didn’t wear underwear to dinner was “not necessarily for the whole world to see,” Lake says, “Sometimes a little teasing and flirting like that is fun. It’s good. It piques a guy’s interest!” VH1