'Rock of Love' Guessing Game

Photo: VH1

There were motorcycles! There were kisses! There were sleepovers! There were tears (mostly from Kristy Jo)! This week’s Rock of Love had more drama than the last Lauren ConradHeidi Montag encounter. Bret asked the ladies to successfully put together a bicycle — a task Inna‘s team won, giving Inna the chance to ride off into the sunset with Bret Michaels on a solo date. But it was Daisy who got the real quality time with the Poison frontman, spending the night with him in his suite — which, of course, angered the girls in the house. But Bret took it all stride, summing up all the conflict and drama with his classic Bretisms, which brings us to our ROL Guessing Game:

Which of the following statements did Bret NOT say?

Let’s get down to makin’ bacon. Her body. My body. Together. Bike. Vibration. Purr. Do you really need to pick this exact moment, when there is nakedness and motorcycles, to take me away? She’s a well-oiled machine and really revved my engine.

Find out after the jump! –Cara ShultzVH1

Bret did not say: She’s a well-oiled machine and revved my engine.

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