Amber Laign dedicated a sweet tribute to the Good Morning America anchor
Robin Roberts, Amber Laign
Amber Laign and Robin Roberts
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Robin Roberts and Amber Laign marked a relationship milestone over the weekend.

The Good Morning America anchor and her longtime partner celebrated 15 years together, with Roberts gifting Laign a collage of the couple — one photo for each year. Laign posted a picture of the gift on Instagram, which Roberts, 59, reposted to share with her followers.

"After my morning meditation the first thing I saw was this post from sweet Amber..." she wrote.

In her caption, Laign wrote, "15 years ago I met you for drinks on a blind date that both you and I tried to cancel...twice. Your grace caught my eye right away and the ease of the evening continued to flow through dinner. We had a second date soon after and I couldn't believe how at ease I was with you as we shared each other's lives sipping lychee and apple martinis.

"You left for Tahiti the following day and during that time apart I grew this feeling inside of me that still, is very present today....butterflies," she continued. "Having you by my side is a gift as we continue to navigate this thing called life. I drive you crazy....I know which is why I love you even more to this day. You have the kindest heart and most beautiful soul than anyone I know. You have shown me time and time again to stay humble and to always treat others with the utmost respect as you never know what one might be going through.

"Beautiful.....absolutely beautiful. I love you with all my boo," she added. "Happy 15th Anniversary!!"

On her Instagram Story, Roberts also revealed the special dessert she had made for Laign — gluten-free yellow cake with chocolate frosting — and a set of personalized champagne glasses in honor of the anniversary.

"Gift for 15 years is crystal..." she wrote. "Sooo...personalized crystal champagne classes...Robin & Amber. July 26, 2006."

Robin Roberts
Credit: Robin Roberts/Instagram
Robin Roberts
Credit: Robin Roberts/Instagram

She also snapped a photo of the card she wrote Laign, which read: "Sweet Amber, I'll stand by you...All my love, RR."

"Sweet Amber's fav song is Stand By Me," Roberts captioned the post. "Through alllllll the ups and downs the last 15 years, we're still standing...together."

Robin Roberts
Credit: Robin Roberts/Instagram

Last but not least, the broadcaster shared a little "Monday motivation" with her followers, a video of herself reading a story and prayer filmed by Laign in their kitchen.

At the end of the video, Roberts added that the two "had the best day celebrating 15 years together as a couple."

"Thank you all so much for the well wishes," Laign said.

"It was wonderful what you shared with us," Roberts added. "Your beautiful love stories that you shared with us, and beautiful pictures that you shared with us, as well! That is our motivation on this Monday."