Robert & Kitty: Will They or Won't They?


Brothers & Sisters fan sites are buzzing with speculation about “The Wedding of the Century” this Sunday. Will Robert and Kitty finally tie the knot?

Depending on which preview you watch, the power couple is either gazing lovingly at each other in front of the minister or ducking out for “a talk.” And that’s right after Robert recites his heartfelt “when I’m cynical, you give me hope” vows to Kitty!

Mix in Robert’s baby-angst and Kitty’s obsession with Isaac, the politico-hack who threw a big fat wrench into Robert’s campaign years ago, and well, it’s hard to say how it’ll all play out.

Given that nothing is ever drama-free for the Walker clan, expect Robert and Kitty’s nuptials to run into at least one hitch… or four. Tell us: What you think Kitty has to tell Robert before they walk down the aisle? –Jane Boursaw


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