The couple met on Dancing with the Stars

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Robert Herjavec is a master at finding loopholes, and apparently he’s also a fan of Amy Adams‘ romantic comedies.

While attending the G’Day USA Gala in downtown Los Angeles with paramour Kym Johnson on Friday night, the Shark Tank star was asked if there might be wedding bells in the couple’s future – and there isn’t enough spray tan in the world that would have concealed Johnson’s blush at his response.

“Well here’s the great thing, it’s a leap year, so Kym can ask me anytime,” Herjavec told PEOPLE with a smile. “On a leap year, the custom is for the women to ask.”

After throwing the disco ball firmly in Johnson’s court, the 52-year-old appeared to do some quick math to figure out how many days were left until Feb. 29, which is Leap Day, when tradition states that the man is unable to deny the proposal.

“You know,” he said, pulling Johnson in close to his side. “It’s already January something. Time is slipping …”

The couple first met after being paired together on season 20 of DWTS, and Johnson said they both instantly knew that there was something special between her and Herjavec.

“We just got along so great, we were friends,” the dance pro told PEOPLE. “Going through that whole experience together was really fun to do. We really got to know each other, and it blossomed into something else, which is amazing.”

As for what kind of proposal the 53-year-old multi-millionaire businessman envisions, it only took a moment of playful spitballing for the two to come up with visions of a romantic hot air ballon ride over Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, of course replete with wine, and Johnson on bended knee.

Asked what wine would suit such a momentous occasion, Herjavec again displayed his soft side as he pulled Johnson even closer, looked into her eyes and said, “Any wine is fine. I’m not picky. As long as you’re there.”

Side note to Johnson: In the off chance that Herjavec declines, there is still a 1288 law on the books enacted by Queen Margaret of Scotland which states that compensation in the form of a pair of leather gloves, a rose, 1, as well as a kiss is to be given to the woman whose proposal is denied.