Robert Downey Jr. Has an 'Emotional Interview' with Jimmy Fallon

The pair had a conversation while adopting random emotions on Monday's Tonight Show

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Robert Downey Jr. could read the phone book and make it a must-watch moment, so when Jimmy Fallon asked him to adopt random emotions as they had a conversation on Monday’s Tonight Show, we knew it would be good.

“You’re an amazing actor. I would say that you’re in touch with your emotions. Would you say that’s true?” Fallon asked.

“I’d say I’m an emotional chameleon,” the Avengers: Age of Ultron star replied.

Then the pair began talking as different emotional situations flashed up on the screen, ranging from “overly calm” to “total lack of confidence.”

Our favorites were “Robert smells bacon” and “annoying philosophical.”

“To know is to understand the question is already answered in its asking,” said Downey Jr.

That’s deep.

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