Series creator Rob Thomas said Veronica Mars may return in a form other than a movie sequel

Credit: Everett

Fellow Veronica Mars fans, we may yet return to the sordid city of Neptune one day.

Rob Thomas, creator of the series, says he could see Kristen Bell returning as everyone’s favorite smartmouthed detective possibly for another movie or maybe even a limited series at some point, though he qualified that by saying that such talk was only preliminary.

“Kristen’s game. I’m certainly game,” Thomas said in an interview with TVLine.

“We have nothing in the works. Kristen and I have talked about possibly doing a second movie or taking it out as a short run series. A Veronica Mars True Detective is really appealing to us.”

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Thomas is currently showrunner on the Veronica Mars-esque CW series iZombie, which was picked up for a second season, and Bell currently stars on House of Lies, whose fifth season kicks off in 2016.

In June 2014, Bell told PEOPLE that she’d be happy to bring back her famous character in whatever fashion she could. “I would be down for anything,” she said. “I’m that kind of a girl. You can quote me on that.”