"Twenty-five years ago today, I found recovery and a life of promise," Lowe wrote
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

During his Brat Pack days, Rob Lowe was legendary for his womanizing, alcoholism and drug abuse, all of which he candidly explored in his 2011 autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

However, on Sunday, Lowe, 50, celebrated an impressive 25 years of sobriety.

“To those struggling with addiction, there is true, real, hope,” he Tweeted. “Twenty-five years ago today, I found recovery and a life of promise. #Grateful.”

In a follow-up, Lowe thanked his wife, Sheryl – and all of the other mothers out there – for her dedication, support and love.

Not yet sober when he met Sheryl (they married in 1991), the actor has credited his wife for helping rid himself of his demons. “[I] was attempting my first try at monogamy – which was not really in my nature at the time – and I wasn’t able to do it,” he told Haute Living in September 2014. “It made me examine how I was living my life. That led to me getting sober, which led to me changing my life – giving me everything I now have.”

The former Parks and Recreation actor told PEOPLE back in November 2013 that he is going through a new phase in his relationship with his wife, with whom he has two children – Matthew, 21, and John, 19. “I’m rediscovering my relationship with Sheryl,” he said. “She’s great and as wonderful as ever. Emotionally, I am in love like a teenager.”