According to Rob Lowe, his wife Sheryl Berkoff stays up until the early morning hours playing Family Feud on her iPad

By Stephanie Petit
May 09, 2018 10:23 AM

There’s nothing quite like having the entire bed to yourself — just ask Rob Lowe.

The 54-year-old actor proudly admitted that he gets the best shut-eye when he’s away from his wife of nearly 27 years, Sheryl Berkoff.

“I sleep better on the road because I’m not with my wife,” he revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show while chatting about his Stories I Only Tell My Friends tour. “People, it’s the truth. I love her enough to speak the truth.”

And the reason is totally understandable: according to Lowe, Berkoff stays up until the early morning hours playing Family Feud on her iPad — and recruits her snoozing husband for help.

“[She] wakes me up like, ‘Honey, honey! Quick, name five foods that are gross,’ ” he explained. “I’m like, I just want to go to bed.”

Lowe also took some time to brag about the couple’s two sons — and there’s plenty to be proud of! John Owen, 23, is about to graduate from Stanford University while Matthew, 25, is currently tackling law school finals.

“So Matthew’s the lawyer in the family. I figured I can get someone cheap to do my legal work,” Lowe joked. “Then John Owen was the youngest published author in stem cell research when he was an assistant at the Eli Broad stem cell lab. That’s what got him into Stanford. Now he’s graduating with straight A’s.”

However, John Owen now wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and get into acting.

“Look, let’s face it: that’s great because I think we can all agree that what society needs is one less that’s going to cure cancer and one more actor,” The Outsiders star said.

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My boys are definitely my greatest achievement,” Lowe told PEOPLE earlier this year. “I can only take half of the credit – maybe not even half! The rest goes to my wife Sheryl, who’s been just an amazing partner. Looking back on this year, the thing I’m most grateful is my family, my health and the opportunities that have been laid out before me.”