Rob Lowe Won't Play Golf Anymore Because of One Fatal Incident (VIDEO)

It all dates back to a tournament in 2006

Photo: TBS

Most people wouldn’t peg golf as a killer sport, but most people aren’t Rob Lowe.

The handsome leading man, 50, visited Conan Monday and mentioned the reason that he hasn’t played golf in quite some time: It’s just not worth the cost of life.

In 2007, Lowe was playing in a celebrity tournament, when he “hit a really – I thought – nice sand wedge” and hit a bird mid-air, killing it instantly and causing it to fall into the sand trap. Complicating things: The bird was an American goldfinch, Iowa’s state bird.

Evidently not seeking to ease Lowe’s mind, the tournament’s sponsors calculated the odds of hitting that bird mid-air at one in 747 million. So depending on how you look at it, Lowe’s either extremely lucky – or extremely unlucky.

Then again, perhaps the bird was asking for it.

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