Chelsea streams Oct. 6 on Netflix

By Natalie Stone
Updated October 05, 2016 10:41 PM

Robe Lowe “couldn’t look at” Ann Coulter during his Comedy Central Roast.

On Thursday’s episode of Chelsea Handler‘s Chelsea, the actor tells the talk show host about the conservative political commentator participating in his Sept. 5 Roast, “I think Ann thought we were serving roast. I just think it was an honest mistake.”

But Handler, 41, doesn’t agree. “She got paid too. She knows why she was going there. You can’t never have heard of a Comedy Central Roast and know what that means,” she tells Lowe.

Although Lowe asked multiple friends to be on his lineup of Roasters, all refused because they were either “too scared” or “didn’t want to be mean” to him.

So what are Lowe’s thoughts on Coulter, 54, having served on his episode? “I honestly don’t think she got hammered that much worse than anybody else, but she definitely didn’t seem to like it. I couldn’t look at her,” he tells Handler.

Also in attendance at Lowe’s Roast was former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who offered some advice that the actor took note of.

” ‘Brother, you can’t look at her. You gotta peripheral vision that s—,’ ” Lowe says while impersonating the retired athlete. ” ‘It’s like me staring down a safety. You know the defense. I just kind of peripheral everything because otherwise, you know, I’m going to get hammered by it.’ It was like the best advice I’d ever heard.”

Chelsea streams Oct. 6 on Netflix.