Rob Kardashian Looks Slimmer (and Shows Off His Tattoos) as He Slowly Returns to Social Media

Rob Kardashian posted on Instagram of himself for the second time in so many days after taking a lengthy hiatus from social media following his weight gain

Photo: Courtesy Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian showed off his impressive sleeve of tattoos on Instagram Saturday, marking another step forward in his gradual return to social media after a lengthy hiatus.

The only male sibling in the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan is seen resting with his elbows on the table in the photo, a full beverage just in front of him and a plate of vegetables off to the side. Kardashian’s face is mostly hidden by his baseball cap, but his arm of tattoos is prominently featured.

“Way off,” Kardashian, 28, wrote.

The reclusive star, who gained more than 100 lbs. from 2014 to 2015, looked noticeably thinner in the photo.

Kardashian also appeared slimmer in a selfie posted to Instagram earlier this week.

In the black-and-white photo, Kardashian offers a slight smile. It’s not clear if the image was a new snapshot or a throwback photo.

However, the star has taken to working out with his pregnant sister Kim Kardashian West (she’s been documenting it on Twitter), so Kardashian’s weight loss could be the real deal.

New Details on Rob Kardashian’s Struggles in the Spotlight

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