Craig Sjodin/ABC
November 16, 2011 05:15 PM

Kim Kardashian may still be fielding questions about her 72-day marriage, but her brother Rob is too busy in the ballroom to focus on his family’s issues.

“There’s a lot of other stuff going on in my life, [but this show] kind of takes my mind off of a lot of things,” the Dancing with the Stars finalist, 24, told reporters backstage after Tuesday night’s show.

Even though Rob has told PEOPLE that he and the rest of his family “are very supportive” of Kim during her difficult time, he says, “I … am isolated from my entire family, so this [show] is all that I do, and it takes up my entire day. It was a good change of pace.”

In fact, his new routine has comes as a relief for Rob, who says he doesn’t “love the spotlight.” Luckily, though, being in the public eye for the sake of DWTS “is a different experience in itself,” he says.

It took a while to make it to the final three, but now that he and partner Cheryl Burke have done it, they’re in it to go all the way.

“I’ve just got to win that trophy,” Rob says. “There’s like no other option for me. We’ve still got to learn four dances. There’s a lot of work left. I’ve got to suck it up. There’s no really time for sleep at all.”

But he’s committed to learning all the moves – and improving.

“The weeks went by [and] my confidence went up,” he says. “The judges’ comments and even their criticism – everything they tell me – really helps me out in my rehearsals. I have a great work ethic, and I really just work hard. I’m not a great dancer, but I’m doing what I’m doing.”

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