"They find it to be a sad situation," a source tells PEOPLE

As Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna battle for custody, his famous family is striving to provide a stable environment for little Dream Renée.

“Regardless of the issues that Rob is dealing with, it’s pretty clear that the environment that Rob and his family can offer Dream is the healthiest for her,” a source close to Kardashian, 31, tells PEOPLE.

Although Kardashian wants his 2-year-old daughter to spend quality time with the KarJenner tribe, he thinks it’s best that Dream has a healthy relationship with Chyna, 30.

“Rob always wanted Dream to spend time with her mom, too. He has never wanted Chyna to be cut out of Dream’s life,” the source says. “But he also doesn’t want Dream to be raised by a nanny while her mom is off partying out of state.”

Over the weekend, Kardashian reportedly wasn’t able to get in touch with Chyna, who is currently in Hawaii, to drop off their little girl on Saturday, when she was supposed to have custody.

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And on Monday morning, Chyna got into a fight with artist Kid Buu in a hotel suite at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Honolulu. Police and paramedics responded to the incident, which occurred after Chyna and friends including Buu were “being inappropriate in several ways,” according to a source. “The girls were showing nipples, they were twerking and just being obnoxious” while at the hotel pool, the source added.

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While Chyna’s alleged behavior doesn’t come as a surprise to the KarJenner clan, they are concerned about Dream’s wellbeing when she is with her mom.

“Rob’s family always had issues with Chyna. Her public behavior in the past few days, certainly isn’t going to give her a Mother of the Year award. Chyna has long acted like her number one priority isn’t raising her kids. This is very hard for Rob’s family,” says the source. “They don’t feel like Dream is properly cared for when she is with Chyna. They find it to be a sad situation. Dream is the cutest little girl. She is very happy and so much fun to be around. Rob’s family just wants Dream to be raised in the best way possible.”

PEOPLE is out to reps for Chyna and the Kardashians for comment.


The Kardashians and Jenner siblings enjoy raising their children together, and Dream is no exception.

“The family’s whole approach is ‘it takes a village,’ ” the source says.

On Monday (the same day as her mother’s fight), Dream spent time with aunt Khloé Kardashian and her 9-month-old cousin True, who together showed their appreciation for local firefighters at the Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Station 125 in Calabasas, California.

“Dream has so much fun playing with her cousins and being around Rob’s sisters. They all love her very much. Rob stays with Kris, so Kris also helps out with Dream when Rob has custody,” the source says.

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Despite remaining out of the spotlight in recent years, Kardashian continues to remain actively involved in Dream’s life — and intentionally away from the rolling Keeping Up with the Kardashians cameras.

“When Dream is with Rob, he does have help. He is a good dad, but his family also wants to help,” the source adds. “One of Rob’s issues is that he isn’t comfortable being out in public. So his sisters take Dream out for fun activities with her cousins.”

Though Kardashian and Chyna share joint custody of Dream, there could be a shift on the horizon in the wake of the mother of two’s absence and behavior on her Hawaiian getaway.

“Rob doesn’t want Dream to stay alone with a nanny while Chyna parties in Hawaii. This is what he is mad about,” an insider previously told PEOPLE.

“She needs to tell him when she won’t be in L.A. so Rob can keep Dream longer,” the insider added. “Rob is getting his lawyer involved.”