Veronica Portillo isn't making it back out to sea with her old cast mates

By Ale Russian
December 31, 2018 04:50 PM

Veronica Portillo isn’t making it back out to sea with her old cast mates.

The Road Rules: Semester at Sea alum, 41, announced on Twitter that she couldn’t attend the show’s 20-year reunion cruise, which started over the weekend. The reunion is part of the academic program’s New Year’s Eve special that also features a panel with some of the stars.

Along with her announcement, Portillo also posted a picture of her former cast members on the cruise. The shot included Ayanna Mackins, Pua Medeiros, Yes Duffy and Shawn Sealy.

“Very sad I’m not able to join my original Road Rules cast on their 20-ish year #semesteratsea reunion cruise #sashomecoming2018. I can’t believe this February will mark 20 years we started our adventure in the Bahamas (which first aired June 21, 1999-only 3 weeks after we wrapped),” Portillo wrote on Twitter.

But in the comments below the post, Portillo suggested that she wasn’t totally on board with the reunion, which was put on by the academic program and not MTV. She also sidestepped a question about reuniting with Mackins after the two often clashed on the show.

“Listen, I made my nice statement. Trying to do the right thing here,” Portillo answered when a fan asked if she would want to see Mackins again.

Credit: Veronica Portillo/Twitter
Credit: Veronica Portillo/Twitter

“Also just weird that they were promoting it — it’s a reunion cruise for the academic program. Not really a place for fans of the show,” Portillo said in another reply to a fan who said they couldn’t make it.

The four-night cruise left from San Diego and had a stop in Mexico. Guests will count down to the New Year on board on their way back to California.