Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is grieving the loss of one of her favorite people

By Alexia Fernandez
March 20, 2018 06:45 PM
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is grieving the loss of a very special person: her grandmother.

The actress, 21, shared a black and white photo of her grandma — she passed away on Tuesday morning — on Instagram and wrote a short caption as a tribute.

“My Nana went to heaven this morning. I’m heartbroken. Speechless. All I can say right now is how loved she was by her entire family. We will miss her more than words can say,” Reinhart wrote on Tuesday.

Her mother, Amy Reinhart, also shared an Instagram post after her daughter broke the news. She shared a poem called “Embracing Hope” from Hospice & Palliative CareCenter, seemingly in memory of Reinhart’s grandmother.

“I hear your laugh, I see your face, I feel the warmth of your embrace, and even though we are apart, your presence lives within my heart,” a part of the poem read.

Her grandmother’s passing comes more than a month after she opened up about battling depression and costar Cole Sprouse’s “calming energy” to Ocean Drive magazine in February.

“He really brings us down to earth if we’re feeling like something we’ve said is being taken out of context,” she said. “He’s always the one to be like, ‘Just ignore it. It will blow over.’ It’s a nice, calming energy he has because you know that he’s been through it.”

On how she dealt with depression when she first moved to Los Angeles at age 18 to pursue her acting career, Reinhart explained she had to move back home.

“I had to build myself from the ground up. I had to find my passion again because it had dwindled like all the money in my bank account from being in L.A. for five months, and booking two things and not seeing any money coming my way, and struggling to get out of the house and get out of bed, and struggling to make friends,” she said. “It was a really rough, rough point in my life.”

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Reinhart explained that her close family and therapy helped her overcome depression.

“Back home, I saw a therapist for six months, which helped me immensely,” she said. “I came to the realization: What the hell else am I going to do? And that’s what it came down to. I don’t want to do anything else,” she said of her acting career.

She continued, “So if I have to try again, then I will try again. I’m not going to sit here and go to college for something that I don’t care about. The first night back in L.A., I had a huge panic attack and was sobbing on my friend’s floor. I called my mom, and she reminded me that I could always come back home again, which was comforting. They were always going to be there if I needed them.”