The fate of Cole Sprouse's Jughead Jones was revealed during Wednesday night's episode of Riverdale

By Nicholas Rice
March 05, 2020 11:58 AM

Surprise! Jughead Jones is alive and well.

During Wednesday night’s episode of Riverdale, the hit CW series revealed that Cole Sprouse’s Jughead is alive after a months-long tease that his character had met his untimely doom.

Viewers discovered that Jughead has been alive the entire time, hiding out in the woods while everybody was in on the cover-up, which will be explained more thoroughly as the season comes to a close.

Though Jughead was indeed attacked by fellow Stonewall Prep students, his beanie cushioned the blow from the rock they used to attack him, so their attempts to kill him were unsuccessful.

At the beginning of the episode, F.P. Jones (Skeet Ulrich) confirms that police found Jughead’s body and his cause of death was declared as “blunt force trauma to the head.”

As F.P. is searching Jughead’s fellow Stonewall Prep classmate Donna’s (Sarah Desjardins) room, he finds Jughead’s tie pin. Donna accuses Betty (Lili Reinhart) of being the killer, claiming that she saw Betty holding a rock in the woods, along with Archie (KJ Apa) and Veronica (Camila Mendes).

F.P. then heads over to Riverdale High to arrest the trio before he interrogates them all about his son’s “murder.” Betty, Archie and Veronica are released shortly after when the murder weapon — a bloody rock that was found nearby — tests to show that it was covered in fake blood.

A funeral is held for Jughead. Donna shows up and begins to question why the casket is closed. After eulogies from F.P. and Betty, Donna attempts to interrogate Jughead’s sister Jellybean, before Betty kicks her out, along with fellow Stonewall Prep classmate Bret (Sean Depner), who attempts to sneak and look inside the casket.

Dean Buscher/The CW

Later at Riverdale High, Betty confides in Archie before they share a kiss that an outraged Veronica finds out about. But it is all part of their plan.

Donna, who has been tracking Betty’s every move, watches as Betty brings a take-out order from Pop’s down into a bunker in the forest. Expecting to see Betty with Jughead, she is shocked to find Archie there, making out with Betty.

Jughead is revealed to be hiding under a cot in the bunker, confirming that he is indeed alive and had faked his death in order to expose the vindictive students of Stonewall Prep and get to the bottom of what crimes they have committed.

The episode ends with a big clue that the gang discovered about Donna’s true identity that is set to help Jughead unravel the huge mystery he’s been entangled in all season.

Viewers were first exposed to Jughead’s “death” during season 3’s whirlwind finale. But fans speculated that Jughead, a main character, would never be killed off especially as Sprouse was still seen on the Riverdale set.

How exactly Jughead was successfully able to plot his fake murder remains to be seen as the season comes to an end later this year.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on CW.