Sarah Michelle Gellar is back, and her new show has its moments of intrigue – will you keep watching?

By Rennie Dyball
Updated September 14, 2011 12:30 PM
Credit: Jordan Nuttall/The CW

Sarah Michelle Gellar has come a long way since her days as a pouty, doe-eyed 20-something trying to outrun a murderer in I Know What You Did Last Summer (not to mention all those years of slaying vampires on Buffy).

Today, she’s a pouty, doe-eyed 30-something playing a fugitive in Manhattan, but with a new air of wisdom and a knowing sparkle as she dives into her starring role on the new CW mystery series Ringer.

This isn’t groundbreaking television – the moments of high drama have a Lifetime Movie feel about them and the green screen work is pretty sub-par (couldn’t help but chuckle at the boat scene) – but the show does make a fresh, not-too-guilty pleasure addition to the fall shows.

The premise is pure fun: Gellar, 34, plays Bridget, a recovering addict and sole witness to a murder. Instead of testifying in the case, she steals a police officer’s gun and flees to N.Y.C. Now a fugitive, she reunites with her estranged twin sister Siobhan, who tells Bridget that even her husband doesn’t know she has a sister. In Siobhan’s life, Bridget doesn’t exist.

Then, after a sisterly boat ride, Siobhan promptly vanishes, Disappearance of Christina-style (some of John Stamos’s finest TV movie work). Assuming that her sister committed suicide, Bridget decides to slip into Siobhan’s posh Manhattan-meets-Hamptons life, posing as Siobhan to escape her fate as a fugitive.

As she bumbles her way through Siobhan’s life, trying to portray her sister while scrambling to catch up and figure out who she is, Bridget learns that Siobhan has loads of money, but plenty of baggage, too, including a stressful marriage and an ongoing affair with her best friend’s husband.

There are hints of more secrets yet to be revealed, too: Bridget discovers a photo of Siobhan and a young boy (her son?), a call from the doctor announcing that Siobhan is four weeks pregnant, and an altercation with a masked man that ends in gunfire. All while the men hired to protect Bridget back home in Wyoming are scrambling to find her.

Overall, Ringer falls squarely into the light fare category, but there’s just enough intrigue that we may just tune in next week to see how it unravels.