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November 08, 2015 01:25 PM

Ricky Martin‘s still livin’ la vida loca. The singer, author and father is adding another line to his already impressive resume: manager.

In addition to sitting on the judges’ panel of Univision singing competition La Banda, the veteran chart-topper is also executive producing the Simon Cowell series, which is on the hunt to find the next hot Latin boy band – and after the finale, he’ll serve as one of their managers.

PEOPLE caught up with the multi-hyphenate about balancing work with his 6-year-old twins (Valentino and Matteo, why he’s excited to foster up-and-coming talent – and what it was like sharing a stage with Taylor Swift.

What advice do you plan to pass on to these young singers that you wish you had gotten earlier on?
You have to have a lot of passion for entertainment, and it is very difficult. The amount of hours that you spend locked in a studio or in front of a camera doing interviews or the amount of months that you spend away from home, not being able to be away from your family.

We’re talking about kids that are 14 to 18: You have to be really, really focused, disciplined. That’s where we come in, just letting them know what’s important for them to be in a very good spiritual place in order for them to put up with the madness that fame brings.

Speaking of spending time away from family: How do you balance your career with raising your boys?
They fly with me everywhere: They were born on the road, and they don’t know how to be one place for more than two days (laughs). They live with me, and we’re home-schooling. I don’t go anywhere without my kids.

Now that you’re a dad yourself, does that lend itself to your role as manger, in a fatherly kind of way?
Yeah, without a doubt! When I started in the music business, I was surrounded by an amazing team of people that helped me divide friendship and business and helped me understand the importance of creating a boundary between work. When you need to work, you work, and when its time to be a child, you’re a child. We’re talking about adolescents here: The important thing is to make sure that they’re happy.

And you performed with Taylor Swift last week on her 1989 tour stop in Miami: What’s it like being in the squad now?
She’s a sweetheart! She said, “Let’s do it!” And I’m like, “I’m ready!” First of all, I always wanted to see her show. I was in Miami, and she opened the door, and I said, “Of course, let’s have fun.” She goes, “Rick, I’ve always wanted to sing ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca.’ Can we do it?” I’m like, “Okay, we’ll do whatever you want.” And she looked so beautiful and sexy. She was so cool. It was a very special night. I was flattered to be part of the team.

La Banda airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Univision.

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