The comedian is the latest victim of Ellen DeGeneres' pranks

By Ale Russian
October 28, 2016 12:47 PM

If Donald Trump wasn’t in Ricky Gervais‘ nightmares before, he is now thanks to Ellen DeGeneres!

The comedian is appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres show on Friday just in time for an appropriately scary Halloween prank.

Setting up the scare, the host asks Gervais what he thinks about Trump’s presidential candidacy.

“It was fun to start with. I was very excited, it was very funny, but now it’s not a joke anymore, is it?” says the actor, 55. “I don’t think he thought he’d be president, really. It’s like one of those ’80s films when two billionaires get together together and go, ‘Who’s the worst person we could elect president? I bet you we could do this.’ ”

And after exclaiming that the world’s “gone crazy” since comedians get in trouble for making jokes but Trump, 70, is applauded for saying “terrible” things, Gervais gets good scare when a Trump look-alike jumps out at him from hidden box next to him.

The prank doesn’t go entirely according to plan, with DeGeneres, 58, thinking that she didn’t really scare the comedian since he was looking away — a fact Gervais quickly dismisses.

“What isn’t getting me good? Cause I nearly had a heart attack if that’s any good,” Gervais says.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs weekdays (check local listings).