Video: Texas Gov. Rick Perry Gets Booed on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' in Austin

The crowd did cheer when Perry mentioned decriminalizing marijuana, however

Photo: ABC/Getty

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

is currently filming in Austin, Texas, during the city’s annual South by Southwest conference. Gov. Rick Perry stopped by to chat with Kimmel … and was roundly booed.

“We do know how to get it stirred up,” Perry said as he sat down, presumably referring to Texans, and not, say, politicians who once claimed they’d eliminate the Departments of Commerce, Education and Energy should they be elected president.

The booing continued throughout the interview, until Perry mentioned decriminalizing marijuana, which drew loud cheers.

Austin is, as Perry put it, “the blueberry in the tomato soup – it’s a little different than the rest of the state.”

And its residents are quite proud of it: The phrase “Keep Austin Weird” didn’t become ubiquitous for nothing.

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