RHOP: Candiace Dillard Says She's Ready to Be a Mom as Ashley Darby Attacks Her for Past Comments

"You violated me emotionally — the fact [that] you were questioning my intentions of having a baby," Ashley Darby told Candiace Dillard on Sunday's episode

Candiace Dillard; Ashley Darby
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Ashley Darby wasn't exactly thrilled with her castmate Candiace Dillard's motherhood revelation on Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

The ladies' trip to Madeira, Portugal continued as they kicked off their second day with a fun sled ride through the city streets and a shopping trip to a local market. In the evening, the group dressed to the nines for a luxe restaurant dinner where drama ensued after Candiace, 33, revealed to the ladies that she finally felt ready to have kids — a revelation she said she had come to after constant questioning of whether or not she'd make a good mother due to her up and down relationship with her own mom.

"There has been a bit of change in the way that I feel about a lot of things, but I do feel like I am ready to have kids," the former pageant queen announced during the dinner, further explaining in a confessional that while she thought "the situation with Monique [Samuels]," could "break" her, she got through it, showing herself that she could "absolutely" be "a good mom to somebody or some somebodies."

Back in November 2019, both Monique and Candiace accused each other of second-degree assault, filing complaints directly with the District Court of Montgomery County in Maryland. In December, however, the Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office informed lawyers for the costars that they would not be pursuing their ongoing cross complaints.

"It's a liberating feeling," Candiace said on Sunday's episode, wiping away tears.

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As the women, including Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, Dr. Wendy Osefo and Karen Huger, congratulated Candiace, Ashley — who shares son Dean with husband Michael Darby — appeared taken aback by Candiace's announcement. In a confessional, she said that Candiace had previously "judged me and had all these opinions about my motherhood journey," referring to last year when the aspiring singer questioned Ashley and Michael's reactions to their previous miscarriage and the now-mom's desire to have kids.

A flashback then showed Candiace telling Gizelle that she "didn't buy" Ashley and Michael's feelings about the miscarriage, saying that she saw "no tears" after the two publicly spoke out about their loss.

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"When you did say those things, Michael really was hurting, and the fact that you took that dig at him was really hard for both of us," Ashley, 32, told Candiace. "You talked about my husband faking crying about our miscarriage."

"I don't want to go backwards, I really don't," Candiace pleaded with Ashley.

"While I am trying to bury the hatchet, I am still taken aback by the hurtful things that you said," Ashley told Candiace. "I was going through a really hard time in my life and now, I really want to be there for you and I genuinely care about you and your motherhood journey, but I don't want to do it under false pretenses."

"I am holding on to some things," Ashley admitted. "I'm not over it. You violated me emotionally — the fact [that] you were questioning my intentions of having a baby ..."

"But do you remember how you used to act before you had a baby?" Robyn interjected before a montage played of previous clips of Ashley calling out Robyn, Karen and former castmember Katie Rost. "Just remember how you used to attack my family and the choices I made for my family. Just how you feel about your motherhood journey and how she was judgmental, that's how I felt about you attacking my family."

"I was able to move forward, so keep that in mind," Robyn continued.

"I'm not asking you to hold my hand or coddle or baby me, be where you are," Candiace told Ashley, before saying, "For whatever pain or hurt that I caused you, and your family, I apologize. I am genuine right now."

Following the contentious dinner, Gizelle, 50, decided to bring the fun by playing a little "initiation" prank on new castmember Wendy, 36. After Gizelle coaxed the front desk into giving her Wendy's room key, she placed rubber spiders and a snake in the CNN commentator's bed. When all the girls decided to retire for the evening, Gizelle said goodnight to Wendy, adding, "Don't let the bed bugs bite." Later, as Wendy got ready for bed, she pulled back her covers to find the enormous spiders and the snake in her sheets. Screaming in horror, Wendy ran out of her room and into the hallway to find the group rolling on the floor in laughter.

"I hate snakes, I almost peed on myself. So cruel," Wendy said in a confessional.

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After a long night of cocktails and pranks, Gizelle and Robyn, 41, enjoyed a relaxing morning by the pool where the Embellished designer reviewed the professional snaps from the group's previous photo shoot modeling her hat designs. Not impressed with Karen's photos and telling Gizelle that she wanted a more "youthful" feel for her pics, Robyn contemplated including Karen's stills on her website.

The photo debate was then interrupted when the two were joined by Ashley, who decided to share the news that she had written a statement of defense for Monique.

"Monique is filing a countersuit against Candiace, and I do need to tell her that Monique asked me to write a statement for her case," Ashley said to a shocked Gizelle and Robyn.

"But yours is just going to say you walked to the bathroom and didn't see anything, right?" Robyn asked before Ashley explained that it was not a witness account, but a character statement.

"Clearly, you don't ever want to have a relationship with Candiace," Gizelle said.

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As Gizelle and Robyn questioned Ashley's decision to get involved, both reminding her that she didn't even witness the altercation, the mother of one explained that after a RHOP cameraman filed a suit against her husband Michael, 59, that said he "grabbed and groped" his butt during Monique's rainbow baby shower in 2018, Monique and her husband Chris wrote a statement for the Darbys, stating that "they didn't see anything."

At the time of the incident, the cameraman claimed in the court documents obtained by TMZ that as he turned around, Michael "smiled and gave me a flirtatious look." He said he then instructed Michael to stop and told a supervisor. Michael, who denied the allegations, was charged with felony assault, as well as misdemeanor improper sexual contact. A Montgomery County court later dismissed the charges due to insufficient evidence.

Michael and Ashley
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"So you feel like you owe that to Monique?" Gizelle asked Ashley on Sunday's episode.

"Yeah, because I mean, I'm not lying," Ashley said. "Monique could theoretically be going to jail — it is of that significance and of that importance, and she is my friend, she is a mother to her children — there's nothing that I'm lying about."

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In a confessional, Robyn noted that "it's kind of making sense now, why Ashley got so mad at Candiace last night."

"Ashley has been marinating on these emotions for a few days now," Robyn said. "Like, she was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode."

But Ashley insisted her actions were "not meant to hurt [Candiace]," but were "meant to help Monique." "I wrote a statement that was my truth and that's that," she said.

"Your relationship with Candiace right now is zero — like, it's done," Gizelle point out. "Candiace will never have a relationship with you."

"I can't say I'm sad about it, if that's how she chooses to interpret what I did," Ashley said.

In the trailer for next week's episode, Ashley finally appears to tell Candiace why she wrote the statement for Monique, saying, "I did it because I am worried about what can happen to her."

Candiace is then seen crying and yelling at Ashley, "F--- you."

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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