'RHOP' : Candiace Dillard Confronts Monique Samuels for Sharing Private Text Messages with Castmate

"I had every reason in the world to show that," Monique Samuels said, defending herself for sharing Candiace Dillard's private text messages on The Real Housewives of Potomac

Candiace Dillard had a bone to pick with Monique Samuels on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

After learning that Samuels had shared private text messages between the two of them with castmate Ashley Darby, Dillard, 32, confronted Samuels in the final moments of the episode.

“I was told by Gizelle that you were showing Ashley text messages between you and I,” Dillard said, adding to audiences: “I’m kinda like, ‘What were you showing her?’ It’s kind of showing me another side of Monique I did not see before, and it’s making me question who she is.”

“It wasn’t clear why you showed her the texts,” Dillard added.

Earlier in the season, Dillard told Darby that Samuels had spoken negatively about her, as she and her husband made headlines for him allegedly assaulting a cameraman, which he denied. (Prosecutors later dropped the allegation.) Rather than defend herself, Samuels handed Darby her cell phone to see the private text messages.

When confronted on Sunday’s episode, Samuels, 35, owned up to it immediately.

“I sure did,” she told Dillard. “Once again you brought up something to [argue] that I am not being real about whatever I felt toward Michael. And I said, ‘This is exactly what my conversations look like.’ So yeah, I showed her that.”

“It was transparency,” Darby, 31, said.

Real Housewives of Potomac
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None of that sat well with Samuels’ fellow Potomac Housewives.

“Well I’m never going to text you again, because I don’t want you throwing any of our conversations out to the world,” said Gizelle Bryant, 48.

Meanwhile, Dillard remained confused as to why Samuels continued to support Darby, especially after Darby claimed Samuels had four drinks before she crashed her car last year.

“I do feel like you don’t like Ashley and I’m not sure why all of a sudden you’re defending her,” Dillard said. “I just find it hard to believe that all of a sudden now you guys want to be BFFS.”

“Ashley trashed Monique last year, and I feel like Monique tried to use me as a latter to climb up to get to Ashley,” Dillard said in confessional. “It feels like there’s some other back-door reason for it. It’s bull—-.”

Ashley Darby
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As frustrated as Dillard was, Samuels remained steady in her opinion.

“You know what it is Candiace, when I made the decision to accept Ashley’s apology, I can’t hold it over her head because that’s not me accepting her apology,” Samuels said. “We’ve actually been spending time together and we’ve been getting better.”

“My position has been the same and so has yours. Don’t try to lump me into whatever it is you feel about Michael,” she said.

Later on Sunday night, Samuels went on Instagram Live to tell her followers that she doesn’t regret showing the private text messages.

“Y’all don’t see the conversation that was had that caused me to feel as thought I should have showed the text messages,” she said. “I was there. I had every reason in the world to show that. Especially when someone has literally tried to twist your words not once, not twice, but three times. So instead of my trying to defend myself, I was like, ‘I can just show you the proof.”

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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