"I was not an an accessory to my husband! We were partners!" Sonja Morgan says on Thursday's Real Housewives of New York City, of her relationship with ex-husband John Adams Morgan
Sonja Morgan Breaks Down In Wild 'Berserkshires' Episode of 'RHONY'
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Sonja Morgan had quite the night out on Thursday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

The reality star, 56, got a little too drunk while attending a swanky Hamptons party with costars Ramona Singer, Luann de Lesseps, Dorinda Medley, Tinsley Mortimer and Leah McSweeney — sipping on Tito’s vodka, making sexual passes at male guests, cracking lewd jokes and screaming at a partygoer in the process.

“I’m not impressed with your rich friends,” Morgan yelled at one point. “I have more money in the bank than any of them!”

Her behavior, while played for comedy to viewers, left her fellow Housewives split.

Singer, who was hosting the event at developer Joe Farrell’s 17,000-square-foot Bridgehampton mansion, was particularly annoyed, avoiding Morgan’s shenanigans for most of the evening before unwillingly dragging her BFF to the car to go home.

“The party’s over, let’s go!” Singer said, with Morgan calling her a “party pooper” and quickly clapping back, “The party’s not over, you’re over!”

“That’s Sonja. She has a few drinks, she’s out of control,” Singer, 63, told Farrell. As she later explained to viewers, “When Sonja acts like this, it’s no wonder she’s not invited to certain events and parties.”

Others laughed at Morgan’s conduct, including Medley.

“Sonja is off the charts … Oh, she’s on a roll,” joked Medley, 55. “It’s truly like Godzilla has been let loose, and Godzilla is drunk. D-r-u-n-k!”

“She’s off the rails,” McSweeney, 37, said with a laugh. “Not only is she entertaining, but she’s embarrassing!”

Sonja Morgan
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Things got especially bad for the Morgan when she and longtime friend Elyse Slaine got into a spirited debate, spurred when Slaine said that Morgan was her ex-husband’s “accessory.”

“No no no. Don’t say that. Why are you saying that? I was not an accessory, I was a partner with my husband. A partner!” Morgan shouted. “You know me, why are you saying that? Why are you saying that? I am a boss bitch!”

Sonja was married to American financier J. P. Morgan’s great-grandson John Adams Morgan, 89, for for seven years before their divorce in 2006. The two met when she was hostessing at an Italian restaurant in New York City and share one daughter: Quincy Adams Morgan, 19.

“Take it back! I was not an an accessory to my husband! We were partners!” she continued. “I was never a trophy wife. Take that back!”

Eventually Slaine did, but not before Sonja declared to the room, “I’m not arm candy! I don’t shave my p—-!”

“Men love my vagina, I’ve got an amazing vagina!” she later said. “It’s just amazing.”

Also at the party, Sonja claimed that the term “trophy wife” is better suited for Mortimer.

That comment didn’t sit well for Mortimer, who noted that she met her ex-husband Robert Livingston “Topper” Mortimer when they were both teenagers. (The former couple eloped at 18 but had the marriage annulled, before marrying again in 2002 and divorcing in 2009).

“How was I a trophy wife? To Topper, my high school sweetheart? What the hell are you talking about? Cool your jets!” said Mortimer..

“I met Topper at boarding school and he and I are the same age. She was a hostess at a restaurant when she met her husband, and she was like 100,” Mortimer quipped to audiences. “That’s the definition of a trophy wife!”

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Tinsley Mortimer and Sonja Morgan
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All in all, Sonja appeared to be unfazed when she woke up the next morning. “Oh my goodness, what happened last night?” she asked. “I think I had a great night?!”

“I’m a wreck,” she later teased to her costars.

Medley also shrugged off her friend’s behavior, noting that Sonja had continued drinking after their trip to a winery earlier in the day.

“I came home and had a cup of coffee and went to sleep, she shouldn’t have kept drinking,” Medley said.

In fact, Medley said that Sonja appeared intoxicated at the winery — pointing to a sloppy speech Sonja made during a group conversation.

“You get to a point like Ramona where you say, ‘Where am I going now? How did I get here? All I do is work and f—ing pay bills and I just have one foot in the nursing home and I’m like, I didn’t sign up for this!” Sonja had said then. ” And then you die and you catch some dick on the way. I mean, the dick’s good … ”

“By the looks of it, Sonja’s been way over-served and we haven’t even gotten to the party!,” Medley noted then, stressing to Sonja before their trip to the party, “We’ve got a long night.”

“I may have a short night,” Sonja joked.

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