Ramona Singer and Heather Thomson both turn on hostess Kristen Taekman

By Wade Rouse
July 02, 2014 07:45 AM
Michael Lavine/Bravo

The Real Housewives of New York City went to a rodeo in Montana on Tuesday, but they ended up stampeding all over hostess Kristen Taekman when they went glamping.

“Move over, bitch,” Heather Thomson said to Taekman in their tricked-out tent in the middle of Big Sky Country after the two had exchanged heated words earlier in the day.

“Really? You’re calling me a bitch right now?” asked Taekman. “I’ve not seen this side of Heather before.”

“If anyone was bossy today, it was you,” said Thomson, who had enjoyed a few Montana beers throughout the day.

The two then continued their war of words over dinner in the woods.

“Hi! My name is Heather, and I am bossy,” said Thomson, standing on her chair. “From now on, I am ‘Bossy Bitch.’ ”

“You’re mad at me because I called you bossy?” asked a fuming Taekman. “Why can’t you own up to it? You’re bossy at work. You’re bossy at home. You boss your husband around. Just freaking own it.”

“Kristen’s hurtful,” said Thomson. “[My husband] deserves more respect than that. I suggest you stop really fast.”

Continued Thomson: “If she apologizes to me, we can move on. If she doesn’t, she can keep on movin’.”

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Even Ramona Singer got involved, insinuating the hostess wasn’t doing her job.

“I’ve been doing most of the work,” Singer told Taekman, after she had set up snacks and refreshments following a day of outdoor activities.

“Ramona is acting like a diva brat,” said LuAnn de Lesseps. “She’s treating Kristen like crap.”

Speaking of which, the wives attended their first rodeo, where they tried calf roping and cowboy hats, and the countess experienced her first Porta-Potty.

“Oh, my God,” screamed de Lesseps, who tried to block her nose. “There’s no toilet paper!”

“Seeing the countess in a Porta-Potty priceless!” joked Taekman.

Taekman redeemed herself, however, by setting up a goodbye dinner and party the final night, which included lots of cowboys and teaching the wives to throw hatchets at a target (rather than each other).

“It felt like a scary B movie,” said Singer, who, of course, made first contact.

But it all ended as happily as a rom-com.

“I am sorry that I had really bad delivery,” Taekman said to Thomson when the two sneaked away to talk under the stars. “But I am closest to you.”

“All you have to say is, ‘I’m sorry,’ ” said Thomson. “I accept your apology. I love you to death.”

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