Bethenny Frankel Spars with Dorinda Medley's Boyfriend at 'RHONY' Lingerie Party: 'Don't Come in and Talk About My Business'

Medley spent the episode torn between being upset with her friends and with her boyfriend

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No one on Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City could agree on who was more hurtful, exactly, but basically everyone agreed that they had been hurt by someone else (and that Dorinda Medley‘s boyfriend, John, was at least an eight on the intens-o-meter).

The hour continued the cast-wide conflict over John – literally, it picked up at Medley’s lingerie party with the other women, with the group torn by Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel’s comments about John’s behavior.

Was he boorish? Was he rude? Was he too much of a partier? Were all of those things true but even still Singer should not have brought them up to Medley in front of everyone else?

No one debated these questions explicitly, but they basically did, by saying things to each other like, “You should be way more mad at me than Ramona” and “Basically she does a drive-by shooting and I’m on the floor bleeding and she’s handing me a Band-Aid.”

That second quote was from Medley, on Singer, who apologized for her public telling-of-tales in what Frankel said was literally the most robotic way possible. Medley wasn’t having any of it. Singer’s comments hurt her.

As she told Singer via text, she was Medley’s safe place, and that was broken.

“She’s taking it way, way way too hard and it wasn’t meant to hurt her like that,” Singer told Frankel, who was feeling very vindicated by it all.

And the reason Frankel was feeling very vindicated by it all is that while Medley was mad at Singer, she was also mad at John, who spent the first part of the episode barging into, out of and around the lingerie party, trying to defend his reputation from what he heard were the women’s attacks.

(“Who was the rat?” Frankel wondered to the camera.)

Even before John arrived upstairs, he was upset.

“Tell any bitch that talks smack about me–” he said to Medley on speaker over the phone, before she cut it off.

“Party of one!” Frankel immediately responded, raising her hand.

Then John arrived, looking – in Frankel’s words – “lit up” and spoiling for a fight.

He soon went straight for Frankel, implying that her Skinny Girl brand was stolen, in some way, from Skinny Cow. “Don’t come in and talk about my business. Are you crazy?” she asked him.

But he didn’t back down, leaving Medley fraught and torn in the middle.

“Get out of here, you’re not invited here,” she told him, adding, “I’ll never be with you again.”

But while Frankel said the outburst proved out her skepticism of John, Medley was less sure – and still sore about Singer. “I don’t have any desire to go forward with these ladies, I don’t have any desire to go forward with John even at this point,” she said.

But go forward with John she did, and the two of them headed to the Hamptons for Frankel’s birthday, where by that point Medley had decided that she still loved John and was mostly still mad at Singer and Frankel.

“It’s low-class, it’s disgusting, it’s despicable,” Medley said over dinner, with Singer and Frankel, of Singer’s remarks at her party.

Frankel couldn’t believe it. “You should have walked in and apologized to me,” she told Medley.

But Medley wasn’t going to do that, and she wasn’t going to apologize for her relationship with John and was really just so sick of all the fighting.

“I’m not asking for our approval or your approval,” she said, adding, “Let me figure it out.”

Their conflict fizzled from there, ending in crying and hugs. “I’m sorry you have to deal with being torn like this,” Frankel told Medley. And all seemed well, and the Hamptons party continued.


Medley told the camera, of her and Singer’s relationship: “All’s not well. The winds have changed.”

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