'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Sonja Morgan Excluded from Berkshires Trip Following Bethenny Frankel Showdown Over Tipsy Girl

Medley said on Wednesday night's episode that the noninvitation felt like choosing sides, and that the winning side was Frankel's

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This is what it’s like to be on Bethenny Frankel‘s bad side: Not only do you get non-invited from the Berkshires, but said non-invitation gets explained to you as a good thing, because you are so fragile, because you need to be away from the group, because you need one-on-one time with Dorinda Medley.

Such is the life of Sonja Morgan on Wednesday night’s The Real Housewives of New York City, after Frankel took Morgan to task – in skin-peeling fashion – last week over Morgan’s potential new Prosecco line called Tipsy Girl.

Of course, that’s not how Frankel saw it: In her words, she was very over the whole conflict. Over it. And to hear Medley tell it, since she is the one who did the non-inviting, not having Morgan join the rest of the group for the Berkshires trip was about spending more quality alone time with her, away from outside influences like alcohol and tension.

But to Morgan? It all felt like “choosing sides.” And Medley chose Frankel.

Not that she agreed with the decision. As she told new roomie LuAnn de Lesseps, “The girls love me at parties, I’m the one making out with everyone.”

When everyone wasn’t talking about the Berkshires trip and Morgan’s absence from it, they were talking about de Lesseps’ new mystery man (named Tom), who used to date Ramona Singer.

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The true extent of their relationship is unclear; De Lesseps and Singer differ. Either it was a few dates or just a few dates. Either De Lesseps should have told Singer about it or she shouldn’t have. Not that it seems all that big a secret? As Frankel, who figured it out herself, explained, the Upper East Side is not that big.

Regardless, De Lesseps and Singer found themselves stuck at a dining room table in the Berkshires discussing the topic. And to judge from the preview for next week, Singer brings all their differences out into the open. (There may be some yelling.)

And when everyone wasn’t talking about that, they were talking about last week’s three-way screaming match between Singer, Medley and Medley’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian, after Mahdessian kicked out one of De Lessep’s ex-boyfriends for his apparently ridiculous and inappropriate behavior. Singer, bizarrely, tried to stop his ouster.

She spun the whole thing later to the ladies as: Here was this fun, strange guy who I thought used to date De Lesseps (as though she did not know or witness any of said guy’s behavior at the party that night, which … maybe she didn’t!).

And to Medley herself, Singer vowed to the camera: “I’m going to pretend that nothing is going on between us, that everything is fine.”

And she told Medley, “just as Medley appeared to be trying to tell her their friendship had suffered some serious recent blows: “I’m not going anywhere babe.”

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And then they all found themselves back together at episode’s end, at that dining room in the Berkshires. Now with new conflicts! Instead of Medley vs. Singer and Frankel vs. Morgan, Frankel went straight for De Lesseps (and not for the first time this season). She outed De Lesseps’ relationship with Tom, in front of Singer, and she brought up De Lesseps’ earlier claim to have helped think up Frankel’s Skinnygirl empire.

In all of this fighting, has there even been time to mention that Morgan wore a fanny pack out in public? Or that she and De Lesseps’ made a joke about Singer apparently despising Mahdessian so much only because she wants to sleep with him?

Not that any of it ruffled Medley, except laconically:

In the Berkshires, just as the pot was beginning to boil with all the women, she cracked, “[Singer] spent the last month treating me like s—, and now her dog’s going to treat my house like s—. It’s full circle.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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