'RHONY' Recap: Bethenny and Jules Bond Over Jules' Eating Disorder, as Ramona Questions Sonja's Drinking

The episode was essentially about three conversations: One ended in an apology, one ended with an accusation and one ended in tears

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Wednesday night’s Real Housewives of New York City was – despite its hour-length – essentially about three conversations. One ended in an apology, one ended with an accusation and one ended in tears.

Let’s start with the apology, which came at the end of the episode, when LuAnn de Lesseps said “I’m sorry” to Bethenny Frankel, and seemed to mean it!, very soon after she had started to I’m-not-yelling-at-you yell at her. And all because Frankel wanted to bring up some previous issues she had had with de Lesseps that summer, now that the two were again being friendly and running in the same social circles.

The whole conflict was on the level of the abstract (the details vague, the timeline fuzzy) except that Frankel stayed firm in the face of de Lesseps more … outsized response.

“I don’t think you own your stuff, here or otherwise, I don’t think your honest about your life,” Frankel told her.

Eventually, de Lesseps admitted that she “loved” Frankel and that if her previous behavior had overstepped any personal boundaries, she was sorry.

Elsewhere on the episode, Frankel also won over Julianne "Jules" Wainstein when the two met for a meal to talk about the last time they met for a meal. That earlier brunch at Wainstein’s house went awry thanks to Frankel’s candid (even insulting) reactions to Wainstein’s home renovations.

Both Frankel and Wainstein agreed on this point – Wainstein just seemed to have a very hard time coming right out and saying that to Frankel’s face.

So Frankel did it for her. As she told the camera, “I’m going to represent her in the case of Jules v. Bethenny.”

“Listen Bethenny,” Frankel told herself, “you were abrasive, you were aggressive, you were judgmental.”

As she actually told Wainstein: “If I insulted you, I’m sorry. … I’m not going to be tough to you because you seem really nice.”

But the two really began to bond after Wainstein opened up about her years battling an eating disorder, in her teens and early twenties. Wainstein told Frankel that she is an open book about these struggles.

“I would say secrets keep you sick,” she said.

Frankel – with what she’s described as her mother’s history with eating disorders – was visibly moved. “I think it’s really vulnerable and courageous,” she said of Wainstein opening up.

Not making friends? Longtime friends Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, who when getting together in the middle of the episode to talk about Singer’s newly finalized divorce ran straight smack into the subject of Morgan’s drinking.

Or, in the words of Singer, Morgan’s problem with drinking too much.

She brought it up under the pretext of: Here is why Frankel did not invite you to her Hamptons birthday party (because you are an embarrassing drunk mess).

But then Singer quickly turned sincere, despite Morgan dismissing her claims to her face.

“You’ve gotten worse than ever,” Singer said.

But Morgan said, “When I want to drink, I drink … I don’t do it all the time.”

And though Morgan told the camera she found Singer bringing up these thoughts, this way, very out-of-the-blue, it likely isn’t going away:

Morgan said de Lesseps was moving in with her briefly, and Singer said she loves to drink, too.

Not to worry: Morgan recently opened up to PEOPLE about her decision to stop drinking. Not, she said, because she ever “had” to drink, but to “take the air out of their tires.”


The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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