Meanwhile, Bethenny Frankel announced a tequila-tasting trip to Mexico

By Adam Carlson
Updated June 15, 2016 10:20 PM
Credit: Bravo

If you set aside the yelling and the recrimination, LuAnn de Lesseps was basically in the exact same mood in Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City as she was last week, when everyone had cornered her.

She was just as energized and excited, but giddy instead of angry.

That’s because Tom, the man she has been seeing – for four weeks or six? the women didn’t seem to agree – is her “soulmate” and the two are in love and getting married. De Lesseps announced this to several other cast members, each time with a look of sheer adulation that bordered on the silly. Good for her!

“I found my soul mate and I’m in love and I’m probably going to get married,” she told Sonja Morgan, adding, “Nobody can mess with my happiness right now. I’m like pinching myself.”

How could she be so certain of her own happy future? In this, as in most things Housewives, it was because of a fortune-teller (or psychic).

As De Lesseps told Ramona Singer, a fortune-teller had come to her and told her she would meet her soul mate within two weeks. And then, within two weeks, Tom appeared!

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“Tom and I are in love with each other,” De Lesseps told Singer, for what felt like the third or fourth time during the episode.

Singer had thoughts too! Literally as soon as De Lesseps was done providing her romantic update, Singer was filling her in on how Tom still talked to his ex-girlfriend every day, texting her how he still loved her, and how he had given her a bracelet.

De Lesseps said she didn’t believe it. But even if it were true, she asked, why would Singer “burst my bubble”? Even Singer’s daughter couldn’t believe her mom’s behavior. Yeah, mom.

Morgan intimated similar issues with a Tom/De Lesseps pairing – though, a class act to the end, she aired her concerns in a confessional and not to De Lesseps’ face.

She said she was “with the same Tom” at roughly the same time Tom and De Lesseps synced up. And though Morgan described herself as Tom’s good friend, it sounded like something … else.

“I’ve been doing him [Tom] forever,” Morgan told the camera.

Morgan, elsewhere in the episode, still chose to completely disengage from her conflict with Frankel, even as the other women insisted she prostrate herself.

And what would be the solution anyway, she asked? She could not contractually back out of the Tipsy Girl business, and Frankel’s issue was never with the brand competition. Morgan knew that it was more on the level of personal insult. (And she’s right.)

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Most of these threads converged with the news that Frankel would be bringing the women with her on a tequila-tasting trip to Mexico.

After polling the group, she decided not to bring Morgan along (see above) but could not decide whether or not to bring De Lesseps, with whom she has had a … contentious relationship this season.

(What’s more, Carole Radziwill said that if De Lesseps went on the trip, she wouldn’t go.)

Basically the thing is that De Lesseps seems to fundamentally annoy some part of Frankel, even if the two keep running into each other in social situations and De Lesseps tries her hardest to be Frankel’s friend.

For example: Their meeting for drinks at the end of the episode, where De Lesseps – super energetic and apparently still high off of the rush of her relationship with Tom – talked about a lot, including thinking she had talked her way into an invitation on Frankel’s Mexico trip.

“Did you take crystal meth tonight?” Frankel asked her at one point.

And to the camera, Frankel said, “God are you annoying. I’m about to disinvite her on a trip I haven’t invited her on.”

And that’s where we left things. No invitation or lack thereof. And on the horizon, in addition to the first mentions of Frankel’s health scare at the very end of the hour: Mexico!

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m.) on Bravo.