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By Natalie Stone
April 26, 2017 10:31 PM

This was an evening for the books.

On Wednesday’s all-new episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan hashed it out at Ramona Singer‘s dinner party, which was also attended by fellow costars Luann (de Lesseps) D’Agostino and Carole Radziwill.

Though the evening kicked off without any drama, a platter of tension was served up at the dinner table when frenemies Medley and Morgan sat a seat away from one another.

While the two ladies at first exchanged niceties — “look how beautiful you look,” Morgan said — it quickly took a downward turn when Medley brought up what her fellow RHONY costar had been saying publicly about her, including the day prior.

“Let’s take the elephant out of the room right now,” Medley said with a pointed finger. “Shut your mouth. Stop talking poorly about me.”

In an attempt to defend herself, Morgan shot back: “What’d you think I said?”


“Which thing didn’t you say?” questioned Medley. “Where should we start? You better stop it. … Shut your mouth, because it’s not going to go any further, do you hear me?”

But Morgan wasn’t threatened by her words. “Oh really?” she rhetorically asked Medley.

Still, Medley continued the punches — and took it a step further. “Why don’t you stop getting vaginal rejuvenation and put an easy pass on that vagina … because we all know what your s— goes down in that townhouse. Turn-style and ticket.”


Sitting across from the feuding pair was Tinsley Mortimer, who met Medley for the first time that evening. And while the new acquaintances got along during the limited time that they shared prior to the evening meal, Mortimer revealed in her confessional, “Sonja warned me about this girl, Dorinda, but this is crazy.”

“She has said horrible things about me,” Medley continued. “She’s not going to act all friendly here with me when she’s talked poorly. She’s not going to do it. Should we take up some pictures.”


Although the hostess of the evening expected the duo to at some point hash out their qualms, she didn’t anticipate that it’d be at her gathering.

“I knew Dorinda would have a blowout with Sonja, but I was really hoping she could wait to the end of the dinner party,” said Singer. “Can you wait for dessert at least? Maybe do it a little privately?”

As Medley continued to throw harsh words at her nemesis, Morgan largely remained quiet — but during her confessional, she unloaded her true feelings about the scene: “So embarrassing. This is not how one acts at a dinner party normally.”


The feuding continued, with Medley calling Morgan “a liar and a fraud” as she got up and walked away from the table.

“This is like a kid having a temper tantrum at the birthday part and their parents are like, ‘Okay, that’s enough kids. Everybody get in the pool.’ It’s time for Dorinda to get in the pool,” Medley said.

After returning to the table, Medley continued the name calling — while Bethenny Frankel observed the feuding through the window as she sat in her car waiting for Radziwill — with, “You’re a disgusting, pathetic, delusional fool!”

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Although the evening was extremely heated, and packed with she said she said, by episode’s end, the women seemed to patch things up — for now.

“New day, right?” Medley said as she shared an embrace with Morgan when all of the ladies — minus Frankel — got together again.

“I feel like you got to say what you wanted to say and I already said all my s—,” said Morgan.

“It’s all out there,” added Medley. “Onward and upward.”

Upon observing the duo patch up their broken friendship, Mortimer was evidently surprised at how they could reconcile so quickly.

“I have never in my life seen anybody flip out on somebody at the dinner table the way that Dorinda did to Sonja and now everything is fine,” said Mortimer. “Like, nothing ever happened. I mean, I guess this is how they do it.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.