'RHONJ' : Luis Ruelas Says 'Overprotective' Teresa Giudice Urged Him to Keep Quiet About 'Toxic' Past

Louie also claimed during Thursday's RHONJ reunion finale that the season 12 drama led him to be let go from the company he founded

Luis "Louie" Ruelas isn't afraid to share his side of the story.

During Tuesday's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion finale, Louie opened up about the ongoing rumors about his past, which were a frequent topic of conversation throughout Season 12.

Though he previously denied the allegations, Louie cleared the air and said that he mostly stayed quiet and avoided answering any questions about the matter because of his fiancée, Teresa Giudice.

"It was horrible," he said of his time on the Bravo show. "No fault to anyone here in the room, I just felt really judged without having a chance to give my own story."

"I regret that... the first night I filmed with everybody at the shore, I was very nervous cause it was the first time I was on camera like that," he continued. "And Teresa is amazing but can be a little overwhelming and telling me to be quiet and not giving me a chance to answer, so it looks like she's covering something up but really what it is is she's very overprotective."

When host Andy Cohen asked Louie about a leaked video that showed him shirtless with other men at a warrior camp, he wasn't shy when addressing the matter.

"I was in a relationship; it was toxic, and my business partner was going to this retreat, so I said, 'Let's go,' " he explained. "We weren't naked on the beach, we were wearing gym shorts because they kept sending us in and out of the ocean."

Teresa Giudice Celebrates Her Fiancé Luis Ruelas’ Birthday: ‘You’ve Changed My Life'.https://www.instagram.com/teresagiudice/
Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas. TERESA GIUDICE/Instagram

"Going in and out of the ocean, they made the men set intentions for their wives," he went on. "I was a single guy, so I made this intention to the woman I was dating."

Though Louie admitted that he "was trying to break up" with the woman, he said he ultimately "didn't have the gut to do it," and ended up fully committing to her.

"When I went there, they made me commit to her and basically said, 'Stop making excuses,' and I committed to her. I wound up coming home, and she gave me a prenup asking me for a million dollars to get married," he said, noting that he did not follow through with her request and they later split.

Louie also noted that the rumors claiming he was physically abusive to his ex and kids were not true.

"We were basically in toxic relationships. When you're in toxic relationships, it could feel emotionally abusive," he argued. "It felt emotionally abusive to me but I'm not gonna label it that way."

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas
Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas. Teresa Giudice Instagram

When Andy asked if he had a domestic violence record, Louie told the host, "Two incidents come up recently, and those are arguments with my wife over my children. We were getting divorced. If I'm the only guy in America that basically had arguments with his wife, and she walks in the house and calls the police... that's basically the extent of it."

In response, Andy asked, "Did you hit her?"

"No," Louie said, adding that he had "no response" to all the negative articles that have been published about him and his alleged past.

"It was actually really painful because it's not fair for people to leave relationships and to do that to someone else because I'm on a platform with Teresa Giudice," he said. "Was I a perfect human being? Absolutely not."

Added Teresa: "You don't know what we've been through the past year and [Margaret Josephs] doesn't know and that's why, at the end, what happened in Nashville [happened]."

Louie also adamantly denied that Teresa ever told him to deny the allegations about his past.

"She never told me to deny anything," he said. "What she kept saying to me was, 'You don't have to answer to anybody.' I kept saying to her, 'You have to let me speak.' If I had a chance to speak, it would've been different."

Margaret Josephs, Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice
Margaret Josephs, Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice. Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Rob Kim/Getty

Additionally, Louie said he could understand why Margaret was so inquisitive all season. "I completely agree with everything you are saying," he told her. "When you tie and connect the dots to the story, it makes a lot of sense."

But Teresa was not convinced and remained furious with her costar, noting that she still believed Margaret was the one who leaked the stories about Louie.

"[I think] he's a nice guy, he's very forgiving. Me, not so much," Teresa said, to which Margaret hit back, "Well, maybe you should take some lessons."

Later during the episode, Louie revealed that he was let go from the company he started "for all the negative stuff that came up in the press because of all my exes out there."

"They called me up and said you have to step down, and that really sucked," he said. "So I don't have any bad feelings for anyone but I want to move forward in a really peaceful manner."

Teresa said she was "upset" about Louie losing his job and doubled down on her theory that Margaret was to blame. "You don't know what you f------ did all year long," Teresa argued. "I cannot stand her. Karma is a bitch. I never want to be her friend again."

"I didn't do it! Teresa, let me tell you something, that is so sick," Margaret yelled back. "Shut the f--- up because that's bulls---."

As the two continued feuding back and forth, Andy attempted to diffuse the situation but hit a breaking point when they wouldn't listen and yelled at the women, "Shut up!"

RHONJ's Dramatic Season 12 Reunion Trailer Sees Teresa Giudice at the Center of the Drama
Andy Cohen yelling at Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs. Bravo

"Babe, you need to stop," Louie whispered in his fiancée's ear. "You're really making a mistake by the way you're behaving right now."

Margaret later offered an apology to Louie, telling him, "I'm very sorry for all your negativity. I really feel horrible for you, and I know you're working on yourself, and you've done an amazing job. I really want good things for you and congratulations."

Though Margaret and Teresa could not come to a resolution — and confirmed that Margaret would not be in attendance for Teresa and Louie's upcoming wedding — the group were ultimately able to laugh about what transpired on Season 12, celebrate their victories and toast to their futures.

"Cheers to health and happiness to everyone. And to friendship, and to making amends," Dolores Catania said at the end of the episode.

"And to Jersey!" added Andy.

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