"I'm worried for my family," Giudice says about facing a possible 50 years in prison

By Wade Rouse
Updated October 14, 2013 09:30 AM

There was less screaming than usual but a lot more tears as part two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion focused on Teresa Giudice‘s legal troubles.

Teresa and her husband, Joe, are facing the possibility of 50 years behind bars for multiple counts of fraud, and it’s clearly weighing heavily on the mother of four. “Of course this bothers me. I’m human. There’s a lot of nights I cry myself to sleep,” the 41-year-old admitted. “I’m worried for my family. If I fall apart, the rest of my family’s gonna fall apart I don’t want them to feel any pain I’m just like every other mom.”

“I don’t believe in karma. I m Catholic. I don’t know why this came to us,” she continued. “The best thing you can do is learn from it It’s in God’s hands.”

When asked about their reactions to the legal battle the Giudices face, most of the housewives became emotional, as did Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga.

“I got depressed [when I heard about the charges],” said Gorga, who’s feuded with his sister over the past few seasons. “It’s hard to talk about. I don’t want to touch on that subject. I hope that everything works out.”

His wife, Melissa, added, “I’m sad for them I’m sad for the girls.”

Kathy Wakile agreed. “You want their pain to go away.”

A tearful Jacqueline Laurita, who made amends with Giudice this season, said, “Teresa’s the strongest woman I know I’ve had hives [thinking about it] I know she has to be scared.”

But Caroline Manzo – who announced on her blog on Sunday that she’s leaving the Real Housewives – was a bit more direct when host Andy Cohen asked if she thought Giudice’s lavish lifestyle could be behind her current problems.

“Teresa likes nice things,” Manzo said. “She’s not going to deny it Doesn’t make her evil that’s her thing.”

Manzo’s family was also a topic for discussion, as Cohen asked whether her husband, Albert, had been mentally abused by his father – an issue that was addressed this season.

“When he was good, he was wonderful when he was bad, he was extreme,” Manzo said about her late father-in-law. “He never laid a hand on the kids [but] there has to be some scars there.”

When Cohen read a viewer question that asked if her family was a sort of “real-life Sopranos,” Manzo got angry.

“I get very offended when people suggest we are a part of that world I will go to war with anyone who tries to … smudge his name,” she said in defense of her husband and family. “We don’t know [how Albert’s father died], and we don’t want to know … it is certainly suspect.”

Manzo, who later announced she’s leaving the show and is filming a pilot for her own spinoff, Manzo’d With Children, got into one last fight with Giudice as they bickered over Manzo calling her former friend “superficial” earlier this year.

“Caroline knows I have a heart of gold,” Giudice said. “You hurt me by saying I was superficial. You attacked me.”

“I made a simple observation,” Manzo retorted. “You’ve decided to take everything I’ve ever done for you and your family and sweep it under the rug?”

“You know I have a good heart,” Giudice said.

“No, I can’t say that in all honesty,” Manzo replied. “I consider you someone I used to know.”