Marchese's doctor says her "tests were inconclusive," while Teresa Giudice strived for family normalcy

By Wade Rouse
Updated October 05, 2016 06:19 PM
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

Things got real for The Real Housewives of New Jersey Sunday night.

Breast cancer survivor Amber Marchese received stressful news after going to see her doctor for her five-year checkup.

“This is always a time of stress you always fear the worst,” Marchese said at church during Lent before her tests. “I’m always praying I’m healthy and have a long life with my children.”

However, “the tests were inconclusive,” an emotional Marchese told her husband after her doctor called about her bloodwork. “He wanted me to return for more testing that’s never happened. If I have a relapse, it doesn’t look so good. You know that.”

“We have been through heartache,” said Marchese’s husband, Jim. “I would die for her.”

“I don’t think anyone with cancer is ever the same,” said a heartbroken Marchese, worried about her children’s future.

As was Teresa Giudice, who attempted to keep her home life stable after she and husband Joe pleaded guilty to fraud.

“I was really proud of you, how you handled the situation you stayed strong,” Giudice’s daughter, Gia, 13, – who broke down last week over the stress of her parents’ legal woes – told her mother on the way to school. “If you were a hot mess, it would affect the whole family, because the girls don’t know what’s going on.”

“I wanted to cry, but you guys give me strength,” said Giudice, driving carpool in pajamas while holding a mug of coffee, adding, “[I have to] keep life as normal as possible. All my daughters need to know is they’re safe with mommy and daddy.”

Dina Manzo bid an emotional farewell to her longtime assistant, Luke, who moved back to Ireland.

“Luke was just a baby when he started with me,” said animal lover Manzo. “I’m better at taking in strays than letting them go.”

Manzo and daughter Lexi hugged Luke tightly at the airport, and the three wept as they said their goodbyes.

“I came here for a reason, and that reason was to meet you guys,” said Luke.

“You always have a home here,” said Manzo, adding, “Luke has filled a sibling role for Lexi If she wasn’t comfortable talking to me, she had Luke.”

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