Rosie Pierri introduces her new girlfriend to her family and friends, while Amber Marchese and Nicole Napolitano mend fences after their hair-pulling fight

By Wade Rouse
Updated August 18, 2014 08:45 AM
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Everything – for once – was Rosie on Sunday’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In a sweeter episode that also saw Teresa Giudice’s daughter, Gia, turn 13 and admit to father Joe that she had kissed a boy, Jersey favorite Rosie Pierri introduced her new girlfriend, Ellen. (Watch video below.)

“I’m 45 … When do I get to be happy?” said Rosie during a dinner held at Teresa and Rino Aprea’s restaurant. “Then I met Ellen. I feel like I’ve known her all my life.”

And it seems as if Ellen feels the same, too.

“I thought she was beautiful … and so innocent,” said Ellen.

Added Melissa Gorga: “I think Ellen is bringing out a more mushy side of Rosie. She’s got little bluebirds circling her eyes.”

“Since I met her, my life has been a lot better,” Rosie said in a toast to Ellen, before giving her a tender kiss. “[She’s] inspired me … she’s my friend.”

Second Chances

The same could not be said for Amber Marchese and Nicole Napolitano, who tried to mend fences after their hair-raising fight.

“My husband calls her a Shakespearean tragedy,” Marchese said of Napolitano, while Napolitano said Marchese was “like Sybil.”

“I’m really hurt,” Napolitano said when the two met for coffee. “Why would you try so hard to slander my name? It’s disturbing.”

“You are my friend you were my friend,” started Marchese. “I did hear from many people that you had an affair.”

“It’s a horrific lie!” said Napolitano. “You took what someone said and spread that rumor.”

“To Melissa,” said Marchese, who was still angry at Gorga for telling Napolitano what she had told her in confidence. “It was not in a malicious manner … I really am sorry.”

Admitted Napolitano: “Even though our friendship did go through major havoc it feels genuine now. I will definitely give her a second chance.”

“Let’s hug it out,” Marchese said.

But they might not be hugging when Napolitano finds out what Marchese said about her boyfriend, Bobby.

“Bobby is a gigolo,” Marchese said of her and her husband’s former friend. “He goes from one girl to the next. Bobby is playing her for a fool.”

Meanwhile, Dina Manzo had Giudice playing with a vision board in order to have her friend mentally visualize a happier future.

“We have a lot of issues legally,” Giudice said. “It’s financially draining.”

Which is perhaps why she chose the word “freedom” for her board.

“I need to be free from all of this,” she said before stating in typical Teresa Giudice fashion, “I feel like my head is a vision board.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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