August 21, 2016 09:00 PM

Jacqueline Laurita has had a rough couple of days.

After her dinner party with Teresa Giudice turned into an all-out war, the 46-year-old Housewife found herself on the battle field again – this time sparring with Melissa Gorga.

On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the two came head-to-head over Laurita’s decision to call Joe Gorga during of her fight with Giudice.

Joe had allegedly told both Laurita and Giudice not to trust the other one while the two Housewives were fighting two years ago, in the show’s fifth season.

While he denied saying that during his call with Laurita and Giudice, Melissa felt Laurita shouldn’t have called her husband to begin with.

“I’ve always loved you. I’ve always felt like you’ve been a good friend to me. But I’m pissed you called my husband,” Melissa, 37, told Laurita while the two were at lunch.

Melissa Gorga

“The words never came out of [Joe’s] mouth that Jacqueline’s not a good friend,” she revealed. “But listen to me – we’re friends. Even if he said that about you, call me.”

Laurita wasn’t having it. “He’s my friend too,” she barked back. “You don’t need to be his voice. I was pissed at your husband. I don’t need to do the three way thing so I can talk to you and you can talk to your husband – like, no. I went right to the source.”

But for Melissa, the problem was much bigger than tension between her husband and her friend. By Laurita bringing Joe into her argument with Giudice, it potentially could have caused tension between Joe and his sister – and in effect, Melissa and her sister-in-law.

“When you and Teresa have tension, it trickles right down to me,” Melissa said to Joe before her meeting with Laurita. “And then the two of you are fine in a couple of days, but then Teresa and I go on for a couple of years.”

She tried to explain that to Laurita too but the argument seemed to fall on deaf ears.

“I’m supposed to just take that your husband was talking s— to me about your brother after all the f—— s— I did for your family?” she pushed back to Melissa. “I tried to put you guys together a million times. I was so good to your family and for him to tell her not to trust me?”

Jacqueline Laurita

“But did you hear what I said? He didn’t say that!” Melissa responded.

She told viewers, “I have never had a problem with Jacqueline. But this is kind of like, ‘What the f— Jacqueline?’ Something’s not right. I just feel like something off with her.”

While Melissa felt that Laurita could have caused a big problem by putting her and Joe in that position, Laurita felt it was Giudice that cause the problem by bringing Joe’s comments up in the first place.

“She’s the one who threw your husband under the bus by telling me he said that,” she pointed out – a fact that came as a surprise to Melissa, who was told it was Laurita who brought Joe into their fight.

It was clear the women were not going to agree on Laurita’s tactic to call Joe. But despite Melissa’s objections, they appeared to agree on how to move forward.

“This is just going to be a very touchy subject between the two of us,” Laurita said. “The best thing to do is that you and I never discuss Teresa. If you’re in a really good place now, then whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it because it’s working.”

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One thing was also clear: there’s no love lost on Giudice’s side.

“My head was spinning with that girl,” she told Melissa. “She went below the belt. She’s evil. She’s the first person who hurt me since I’ve been home. She came here? I welcomed her with open arms. I went there? And boom – I got slapped.”

Giudice continued: “She likes to plant the seed and then run away like ‘Oh poor Jacqueline.’ And then her crocodile tears come. Save it for somebody else, okay b—-? I’m sick and tired of her s—.”

Will Giudice, Laurita be able to put their problems behind them when they gather together with Melissa, Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania on the next episode? Judging from the preview, it looks like Laurita’s bad couple of days are only going to get worse.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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