'RHONJ' 's Teresa Giudice Accuses Jacqueline Laurita of a 'Low Blow' During Their Most Bitter Fight Yet

A heated argument between Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice could mean the end of their friendship for good

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The saying goes, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” And that’s just what Teresa Giudice did on Sunday’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, when she stormed out of Jacqueline Laurita‘s house after an explosive argument.

“I don’t think I could have stood there one more second and looked at her f—— face,” the 44-year-old Turning Tables author said upon her exit. “She’s such a nasty person.”

“She has not changed,” Laurita, 46, told viewers. “You have all this time to sit in a f—— cell and think and you’re still sitting there thinking about the victim you are?”

The two Housewives – who had been friends for 13 years before falling out two seasons ago – each went into the evening hoping to have fun and vowing to start over with their relationship.

“I just want to be friends, get along with everybody – I just want peace,” Giudice declared early on in their meeting. “I want to make sure any toxic people – I want to keep them away. Anyone that’s not loyal, I just want them out of my life.”

But their “new year, new beginnings” mantra didn’t last long, when Giudice brought up her past conflicts with Laurita, sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and former Housewife Caroline Manzo.

“I don’t really want to rehash the past, [but] you guys were all against me,” Giudice said. “We were all friends and then you guys got together and ganged up against me.”

“I didn’t see that,” Laurita responded, while cooking dinner. “I mean, to be honest, you did that. I don’t think it was the same issues with anybody. No one ganged up on you.”

Giudice described how she “felt ambushed” when Manzo showed up during a season 5 argument between her and Laurita on Laurita’s porch – and how she felt “attacked” when Laurita asked her about a tabloid story regarding her legal battles.

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“I had no idea Caroline was coming over that day,” Laurita explained, in her defense. “That was not planned. I asked you about an article that was in a magazine and I wanted to know if it was true. You told me I was crazy and it wasn’t true. Clearly it was true.”

Even though Giudice ended up serving 11 months for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud, she told Laurita she “didn’t file fraudulent things” and didn’t know the story was true at the time.

“I knew nothing,” she said of her legal standing. “I mean, you know me – couldn’t you tell if I was lying or not? Obviously there was a disconnect between you and me because my real friends knew what was going on.”

Laurita’s confusion appeared to stem from the fact that Giudice had admitted to selling stories to the tabloids in the past. “How was I supposed to know if this one is true or that one is true? Or if that was you or if that was someone else?” she explained.

Soon Giudice’s brother Joe Gorga was brought into the fire, with both Housewives saying he had told them not to trust the other.

There was only one way to solve the problem: Call Joe Gorga.

“What I probably told [Teresa] is she shouldn’t trust anybody. But I don’t think I mentioned you,” Gorga told Laurita. “I’m not telling you I remember clearly. And if I did say it, it was probably when [Teresa and I] were in the worst position that we were.”

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After the Gorga call, the gloves were off – with both Housewives removing their filter and appearing to throw away any chance of reconciliation.

“Don’t play stupid,” Giudice told Laurita. “I would never ask you your personal business. You were going through legal issues I didn’t ask you a question.”

“I wasn’t the one playing stupid. Mine wasn’t a criminal case. I wouldn’t file a fraudulent bankruptcy like you did. It’s totally different,” Laurita fired in return.

That was the straw that broke Giudice’s back. “That’s a f—— low blow,” she said, as she called for her husband, Joe Giudice, in the other room. “Joe – let’s go. I’ve had enough. She just hit below the belt.”

“I’m just saying it like it is,” Laurita said, in her defense. “You can’t compare the two! I’m just stating the facts. You were accused and convicted.”

“Listen, I own it – I did my time,” Giudice said.

“But you’re not owning it – you’re blaming it everybody else,” Laurita told her, claiming Giudice had blamed her prison sentence on her brother and sister-in-law.

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By that point, Giudice was practically in the street, calling Laurita crazy and vowing to close the chapter on their friendship for good. “She’s bringing my brother into it? Big mistake,” she said. “I don’t need people hitting below the belt. She doesn’t want peace.”

Joe Giudice perhaps had the best advice for his wife. “If you can’t repair what is broken, leave it and walk away,” he said.

“She’s a bitch,” he added, of Laurita. “F— her.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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