'RHONJ' 's Dina Manzo Says She Hasn't Spoken to Sister Caroline in 2 Years: 'We All Changed'

Dina, 46, and Caroline, 56, appeared on season 1 of Real Housewives of New Jersey together, where they famously proclaimed they were "thick as thieves"

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Dina Manzo may be newly engaged, but there’s one member of her family who probably won’t be at her wedding.

The former Real Housewives of New Jersey star opened up about her complicated relationship with sister Caroline Manzo during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live on Wednesday.

“Caroline does not speak to me at all … we haven’t spoken in two years,” Dina said, explaining that reality TV — and the way it changes people — was a contributing factor to their fallout. “People become [caricatures] of themselves. A little part of what people say that they liked, they tend to put it on.”

Dina, 46, and Caroline, 56, appeared on season 1 of Real Housewives of New Jersey together, where they famously proclaimed they were “thick as thieves.” However, Dina eventually left the show halfway through season 2 while Caroline stayed on until the end of season 5.

By the time Dina returned for season 6, her relationship with Caroline was nearly non-existent.

“I think we all changed but there was a point when I left — because I really quit after season 1, but part of my deal was I had to film some of season 2,” she said. “It was when I didn’t recognize who she was any more that I said, ‘I’m out.’ ”

Dina said she was shocked when she watched the show back and saw some of the hurtful things her sister said about her.

“And then the television thing [factored in] after I watched season 1. I was saying very nice things about them and watching back, they weren’t doing the same for me. So I was like, ‘What the f—?’ Is there envy going on here. They don’t want me to look good?’ I don’t know, but it freaked me out.”

But Dina, who is one of 11 siblings, says she is still close with her brother Chris (who is married to RHONJ alumJacqueline Laurita).

“Chris, I saw him not too long ago, when we lived in Malibu and he came out and we had a nice dinner,” she said. “We don’t see each other often because we’re on different coasts. But we’re definitely fine. And Jacqueline as well. If they called me tomorrow and they needed me, I’ll be there. They’re great.”

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“That’s what people don’t realize. I get infuriated when people say, ‘You don’t speak to your family.’ I have 10 siblings,” she said.

And while Carolina and Dina may not be spending Christmas together anytime soon, she doesn’t have any ill wishes for her sister.

“Maybe becoming a grandmother has brought her back down to earth,” she said.

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