"From the time that I was a child, I never asked for that," Brandi Redmond said on Tuesday's RHOD
Brandi Redmond
Brandi Redmond
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Brandi Redmond is defending her ability to communicate with spirits.

During Tuesday's Real Housewives of DallasD'Andra Simmons questioned Brandi about her strong disapproval of last week's cleansing meditation session and why she believes it's okay to communicate with the spirit world while practicing Christianity.

"I looked to Brandi to help my mother feel better about what we did at my house, the meditation ceremony," D'Andra told her castmates about the session, which was held at her home. "It had nothing to do with anything religious. And then Brandi said I wasn't a Christian."

Denying that claim, Brandi, a Christian herself, said, "I never said that."

Last week, D'Andra invited the ladies over to her home for the meditation session. Afterwards, Brandi, 42, expressed her reservations about it to D'Andra, saying, "You know the word of God, you know the Bible. People trying to find answers that's not the word of God is not …"

On the latest episode, D'Andra, 52, explained that what she was doing with her "life now has nothing to do with what I believe as a Christian" and admitted she was hurt by Brandi.

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"It really hurt my feelings because I've been on several journeys with you the past few years. Last year, we went to a haunted house. You told us that since you were little, you were talking to ghosts," she continued. "I never questioned you because I know you're a Christian and I know at the end of the day, it's between you and God. I felt like you were judging me."

But Brandi wasn't meaning to be judgmental of her castmate. "I'm not trying to judge you," she said. "I respect people's journeys. But I think everything that I've ever done when I go into meditation, I do put the Lord first."

Recalling last year's trip together, D'Andra asked if Brandi prayed before she went into the haunted house.

"Yes, I did," said Brandi.

Still, D'Andra seemed to take issue with Brandi's stance, whom she said was "acting like a cafeteria Christian."

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"The fact that you have gone through so much turmoil and so much judgement this year, I thought it would help you," D'Andra said about the session. "I was looking to you to have my back with my mother because she thinks there's something wrong with it. Brandi, you're acting like a cafeteria Christian," she continued.

A confused D'Andra went on to ask Brandi if "talking to spirits is better than going to a meditation ceremony?"

For Brandi, there was a difference. "From the time that I was a child, I never asked for that," said Brandi, referencing her ability to speak to spirits. "That happened to me. It scared the s--- out of me when I was a child."

"But you're still practicing it," D'Andra said.

But Brandi asserted that she was no longer "practicing it," going on to say, "It happens. I don't ask for it. And that's the difference."

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