Cary and Mark Deuber Confront Affair Allegations in 'RHOD' Reunion Conclusion

On Monday's conclusion to the Real Housewives of Dallas season 2 reunion, Cary Deuber and her husband Mark Deuber cleared up rumors about their marriage started by Brandi Redmond

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Cary Deuber and her husband Mark Deuber had already cleared up rumors about the beginnings of their marriage in the Real Housewives of Dallas season 1 reunion, denying allegations that they began seeing each another while Mark was still married to another woman.

But on Monday’s conclusion to the season 2 reunion, the couple once again had to defend their marriage — this time from allegations thrown out by Brandi Redmond, who claimed Cary and Mark’s relationship began as a workplace affair while she was both his surgical assistant and the nanny to his children.

“Cary and I did not have an affair,” Mark told reunion host Andy Cohen, laying out the timeline of their marriage. “We worked together for a long time. I’ve known Cary since 1999, that’s like 18 years. She’s worked for me for something like 15 years. And we’ve been married just about eight of those. We got together 10 years ago. She worked for me for 5 years, and there was nothing going on there.”

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As for the nanny claims, those were also false — though Cary had babysat Mark and his ex-wife’s two children (now 16 and 20) previously.

“I didn’t have a nanny with my wife and our kids were in day care,” Mark said. “When we went on a trip, we didn’t have anyone to take care of them. And I knew [Cary] had taken care of the other plastic surgeon’s kids. They told me, ‘She’s great, just use her. She’s not going to be working ’cause you’re going to be out of town.’ So I said, ‘That’s a great idea.’ ”

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So how exactly did Redmond come to believe that Cary was the nanny? According to Redmond, she misunderstood something Mark’s daughter Laura had said to her while she was at dinner at the Deuber’s home.

“She told me that Cary watched them,” Redmond said. “So in my head, I always thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I guess this did happen. There was an affair.’ And I thought I just always was keeping it in. … I took it that way and then I just thought, ‘I just want to act like I never heard that.’ ”

But when Cary disputed Redmond’s claims that she had previously said Redmond’s “Mommy Makeover” plastic surgeon had killed people on the operating table, Redmond got angry.

“When you called me a liar, I took it so personally,” Redmond said. “And then apparently when you wouldn’t be friends with us because of our behavior, I thought, ‘I feel like I have been a good friend to you.’ But I was not a good friend by saying that and I apologize to both of you.”

“I’m sorry you both got my attacks about that,” she continued. “I would not blame you if you hated me.”

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For their part, the Deubers found it in themselves to forgive Redmond.

“By no means do I hate you,” Cary said. “I’m very hurt by it. My stepdaughter was telling you how great our relationship was and how much she loved me and how much she cared for me and said, you know what she even would babysit me sometimes. And I never by any means asked you to keep a secret that a minor child told you with me sitting there.”

Still, Redmond’s words had changed things for Cary. “The unfortunate thing with all of this stuff is when all of this gets put out on television, it’s a fact to people,” she told Redmond. “I know you feel bad and I appreciate that. It’s just, at that point, there’s not going back … I forgive you, Brandi. I forgive you. The trust, that’s going to take a while. I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to sit here and not think and have more guarded conversations.”

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Redmond understood, but appeared to be still upset — choking back tears. “I’m not proud of what I said. It’s what I thought at the time. I feel like a horrible person,” she said.

Stephanie Hollman, Redmond and Cary’s BFF, was equally angry with Redmond. “I love you Brandi, but I’ve never been more disappointed in you in my entire life,” she told Redmond, telling Cohen, “I’ve known [Brandi] for 10 years, we had babies together. She is not that person. It made me sad.”

“I know that you felt bad about it but we cannot attack each other and this year it kept happening and happening and happening,” Hollman told Redmond. “We’re attacking the most precious things about each other. It just makes me very sad. I know you know better.”

Her words really resonated with Redmond. “That’s part of the reason why I’m so disappointed in myself,” Redmond said. “They still welcome me into their home. I know what it’s like to have children myself. If someone did this to me and [my husband] Bryan, I’d be devastated.”

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